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Monday Mpora Movie Montage

Monday Mpora Movie Montage

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Five video bangers to liven up your Monday. A flat battery delayed these movies from this morning, so apologies if you’ve been patiently waiting for your fix.

EVASION the full movie >>

1. EVASION is a French Mountain bike movie directed between Morocco and Italy by Leo Ginailhac with Julien Camellini, Antoine Dubourgnon, Anthony Tomassi, Leo Delfour Barsacq, Remy Metailler and Bastian Huber.

How Not to Win a Road Race >>

2. Not a mountainbike movie, but DirtTV filmers Rob and John Parkin have been shaving their legs and putting in the road miles recently so decided to enter a 50 mile race on a tarmac race track. Here’s Rob’s “How to not win” tutorial.

More Mountain Biking Videos >>

3. On any Monday: Double Trouble. Shot at the now closed Denver indoor park and featuring: Andrew Kajfosz, Nick Soloninka and Jay Eggleston. With a brief cameo from Kelsy Hoog. Shot and edited by Shelby Smith.

MPORA Action Sports >>

4. A quick profile video on team CRC/Nukeproof rider Matt Simmonds.

MPORA Action Sports >>

5. Operator & Abra Cadabra Launch in Colomars, France

For three sunny days in February, Kona invited 10 journalists (including Steve Jones from Dirt) from magazines across Europe to come ride our new series of Operators and our Magic Link-equipped Cadabra and Abra Cadabra all-mountain bikes. Based in Colomars, France, near the home base of Kona’s Enduro Team rider, Karim Amour, we rode sweet singletrack, drank refreshing beer, and watched as everyone had an amazing time riding great bikes.

  1. tenyearsafter

    Re No2: Road racing is crap at the best of times, but 50 miles round a race track? How did you not just fall over & die of boredom? Respect for the baggies tho!

  2. Big_Tim

    Forget the Monday vids – where were the Friday Randoms?! Or are they now so random they are going to be posted on a Monday evening?

  3. v10

    tenyearsafter what a stupid comment grow up. respect for doing the race most downhillers wouldn’t be able to make it one lap!

  4. james

    Except road racing is crap

  5. billy

    @Big Tim, soz…I was away for Thurs/Fri last week…but if I had my way I do randoms everyday of the week…and at weekends too.

  6. Greg

    I did a road race once – I would rather cut off my penis with a rusty bread knife than do another – ended up riding over potholes just to liven it up. Each to their own though and they are fit as fook.

  7. --

    road racing is part of the past of the sport you are supposed to love. it is cruel and painful and does require great bike handling skills. to be honest if you want to ride downhill you should at least be able to ride up them even if you don’t on that day. i cycled up cressbrook at the weekend and am going to do it again tomorrow. it is savage steep and i almost swallowed my shorts going up it.

  8. fordy

    great bike handling skills???.riding along a road in lycra is gay, end of

  9. Messy

    Each to their own. Anyone else see matey in Evasion (Tony tomasso) land that drop in a manual. Pretty nuts…

  10. --

    shows how much you know.

  11. Dr Kenneth Noisewater

    As long as there is a bang-tidy bird in lycra to follow and a pub on route, road riding is not too bad…..it is a well known fact that day dreaming was invented for road riding!
    I wear my Fox Unabombers to keep it real though!:) They’re useful for punching van drivers too!

  12. Isaac

    Road cycling is just a completely different experience. From working in a shop where a large percentage of the customers are roadies, I can tell you that they are usually the most clued up, knowledgeable about bikes and respectful of other disciplines people we get, and they usually mountain bike too. The mountain bikers are hacks, ignorant of all but the simplest bike maintenance and very closed-minded.

  13. Big_Tim

    @Billy – We would all love a mini dose of daily randoms with the main hit on Fridays! Do it… do it… do it…
    (Can we get a vote going just like the cane creek 1 1/8 angleset post?! Come on everyone, get involved!)

  14. --

    i personally prefer to follow 60 year old men in lycra to the pub. but each to their own. yes they do know more; and also if you go on an uplift or some web organised mtb ride the general standard of pushing down on the pedals and going forward is so abysmal it is shameful.

  15. nickyb

    that evasion film was ace, it started a little weak but the final bit in Morroco was mint!


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