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Just seen this from the Denver Post:

Missy Giove pleads guilty

By Jason Blevins

Former world downhill mountain bike champion Missy Giove had plead guilty to smuggling marijuana, capping what is likely one of the most spectacular tumbles from grace in all of action sports. The 37-year-old, featured last fall here retired from pro racing in 2003 after world championship titles and a flamboyant career peaking with her world title in 1994 and a sponsor contract that was the envy of all pro pedalers.

Last month Giove admitted her role in a 3-year smuggling operation, telling cops she took $30,000 to coordinate couriers shuttling marijuana from California to New York. Last summer, cops busted her in Illinois with 350 pounds of marijuana. They later found another 30 to 50 pounds of the weed at a co-conspirator’s home, along with more than $1 million cash.

She could face up to five years in federal prison. Sentencing is set for March.

  1. MINT

    darn!another rider down due to drugs.atleast this one aint fatal compared to that canadian dude.

  2. Bones McCrackin

    Hopefully she’ll be out in a jiffy so she and ‘Smilin’ Myles Rockwell can reform and travel the world racin and tellin people about how cool bikin an smokin pot is. They could travel in a bus run on hemp seed oil and smoke hash with bongs built into their bikes and speakers blastin bob marley and Bib would make a guest appearance at 4:20 along side George and Bill Clinton. Then they could inform everyone about the anti action sports government conspiracy targeting athletes as terrorists.

  3. Brad Smith

    Fair go to her,a few leaves off some trees.Its gods drug of choice.I would rather bump into some one high than some one drunk.The high person would say sorry,The drunk guy would want to smash a glass in my face.

  4. Nathan


  5. hairy

    as a lesbian she wil have a field day. and 5 years is shocking, she should get that for crimes to hairdressing.

  6. Rufus

    As an ex-fan of hers I think this is tragic!

    She raced everything, and started on a budget to get to races too, sleeping in a Wallmart ET or Star Wars sleeping-bag (I forget which), this from an interview in one of the first mtb films ReTread.
    She also spent time in a wheelchair, which she binned having lost control of it on a steep hill.

    Maybe the thrillseeking gene is strong in her?

  7. neale

    hairy you’re an idiot, no need top bring her sexuality into this.. her hair was RAD for the time too.. its just a reflection of her personality

    i hope she gets away with a small(ish) sentence

  8. le J

    I like drink and dope. There is a difference though between a henry and 350lbs. Whatever you say the law is the law and that much is just asking for trouble. I thought she was looking at 50 years or something which would have been nuts. 5 years she’ll still be able to race vets when she gets out. That’ll teach her for intensively growing hydroponic chronic.

  9. Maximilian

    This is sad news, but some attitude around here is actually sadder. I think that Mr. McCrackin above me should think twice before submitting his spiritual comments.

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both Missy and Miles at the 2002 Worlds in Kaprun, as a fan who hitchhiked a long trip to the Austrian Alps. They were legends of our sport (as they STILL are!), but they were as humble as it gets. I didn’t spend too much time chatting with Missy, but I can remember her at the nations’ parade in Zell am See, her kindness towards fans and how moved she was on getting on the podium. Myles, on the other hand, was one of the guys I would go speak to on a regular basis while I was there and he never was or acted too busy, as other stars or wannabe stars of mountainbiking often do. Nicolas Vouilloz, who literally slammed the door in our face, or Kirt Voreis, who maybe thinks the only legit language in this world is english, pop into my head, but it’s rather irrelevant. I don’t wanna judge Nico or Kirt by these measures. People have their reasons to act certain ways and not everyone can relate well to their fans, even the mild kind we were back then. As a matter of fact, I can remember Nico a few years back standing lonely at the Lapierre booth in Friedrichshafen with a black marker pen in his hand and a batch of posters on the table, being quite pleased that somebody showed up for a conversation (Eurobike is obviously crowded with spandex-loving ignorants). A true champion with the proper attitude. The point? Well, these people are our heroes, 420 or not, and one single experience in their company can spark others’ motivation for ages. It’s more important what they have left behind during their heyday, than what they do in their racing afterlife. Does trafficking pot delete Missy’s titles or mountainbiking achievements, the impression she made on her fans and the mark she left on the sport? Never! This is what we should be focussing on and we should be more supportive towards those who shaped mountainbiking. “[…]in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad[…]”

    Missy, stay strong whatever the future holds for you! Myles, maybe I’ll see you again someday! Nico and Kirt, keep it up; people still need you as role-models! Oh, and give Gary Houseman and J.D. Swanguen a break! Pot is not a performance-enhancing drug. Nor is it a carreer-enhancing one, either. Just ask Ross Reblagliati!

    Bones, let somebody pass a smoke to you to easen up, holier than thou bro!

  10. Al Carson

    I had the good fortune of sharing a gondola at FT Bill many years ago with Missy. She was kind enough to chat to an MTB no-one like me for the duration, and given she was about to do her race run I thought it really good of her to spend time taking nonsence with her fans. So it is a real shame her life has taken this turn, self induced or not.
    Havin a wee toot now and again is fair enough in my book, if that floats your boat – It was a shed load of the chronic involed here though huh. Shame.

  11. stooky

    seriously folks she’s been caught with a 1 million in drug money and enough weed make another and your supporting her?

    Back in the day a true pro and great role model. Now however in the eyes of the law a simple crim.

    If she wasn’t a champ you’d be throwing the book at her and saying check the ned! but because she had done something in her sport it’s ok.

    As for this not being a performance in hansing every strain has a different effect for everyone. one might make me go to sleep and it might keep you up for hours.

    You takes your chances. she lost!!!!

    p.s. Maximillion are you publicly outing jd swanguen and gary houseman as pot heads?

  12. Rob

    she’s not dead……..

    why does this sound like a memorial?
    she stupidly decided to become a drug trafficker. regardless of her great racing past, she made a serious error of judgment! big style. Fool is the best word i can think of right now.

  13. ronin

    met Missy @ the worlds in Vail in ’94. Very cool and friendly we were actually checking out the same girls thru the pit area!! bad judgement on the trafficking..oh, well. RELEASE THE MISSLE!!!

  14. John

    Sorry I seem to see a lot of people feeling sorry for her. Drug dealers are scum! They are the cause of many problems in society. Whenever your grand mother or elderly neighbour gets broken into by a junkie and assaulted, or some innocent bystander gets shot during a drug related hit or you get mugged on the street by another junkie, come on here and start defending drug dealers then!

  15. Maximilian

    Stooky, you’d better check the words written above two more times and then out another “opinioned” comment.

    Some people are making too much of a deal out of this. I guess it will do little to her image after all. It’s not like it’s been spotless before! In our society she took a risk dealing with drugs and now she’s paying for it. I would think twice before calling this stupid. If we follow these logic, everything that’s risky is “stupid” by default. Ever tried to explain to someone what’s great about this sport? To a parent maybe? Why jumping a 10 m gap is “fun” and not “stupid”? Well, it’s definitely not the same thing, just let people take their own risks and stop pretending to be such moral backbones of society, when you have trouble with spelling (maybe in your mother tongue)! What Gary and J.D. are concerned, they have (had) pretty well-known issues with consumption of THC and I’ve read a lot of “opinions” about that, most of them from people who don’t have a clue but still think they have a given right to be judgemental. Gary won a lucky worldcup at Grouse and got his title withdrawn after being tested positive for THC. So he wasn’t too careful or didn’t take some things, as UCI regulations, too serious. I think he paid his price. J.D. is one of my favourite riders, so no problem with him! I’d just like to hear/read less bullshit about all this.

    Enjoy your rides, wherever you may roam!

  16. ex-racer

    She’s a cunt anyways. So arrogant. Almost ran me over with her Volvo at a race once. She would have known the risks involved. I have no sympathy for stupidity….

  17. GDawg

    That’s pretty heavy tbh, can’t relly argue with a bit of jail time for that. She shoulda had the 1 million better hidden tho

  18. Mag

    Stooky, fuck off….

  19. nozes

    Nevermind Missy,how’s Gonzo doing these days?

  20. Alex

    These have to be the longest comments of all time. Guessing she got used to the lifestyle and money and when that ran out she had no other skills. Sort of sad. Though not that she got caught just that she thought she had to do it.

  21. Alex

    PS does anyone know the name of the guy that used to race NORBA’s in a piss pot and T-shirt live in a caravan and use branches as practice gates?

  22. Bones McCrackin


    I love Missy and Rockwell and everything they’ve done for the sport. I think drug laws are bunk. I speak with heavy cynicism. I think you should think first before writing a book report on dirt.

  23. Bones McCrackin

    who could forget. pisspots and goggles.

  24. Bones McCrackin

    Sanjay Shanbhag. I saw him at ridin at sea otter a time ago. live your life. Where are the 29er to pot consuption comments? Whoops.

  25. Squawboarder

    If you could grow gold in your basement/garage/spare room or all three wouldn’t you ?!?

  26. dom

    john theres a difference between the people mugging your gran and people who smoke pot. get your head out of your arse you muppet, pot heads are the least likely people to be committing any crime never mind physical violence, unlike booze. go and watch the union (the business of getting high), or read the emperor wears no cloths by jack herer it will open your eyes to the bullshit the governments tells you.
    tho you would have to be an idiot to get involved it what she was. state penn no thanks.



  28. Danny

    Missy is a legend and will be remembered as one, she is to Downhill what parelta is to skateboarding! so whether these pricks like her or not they will be dead before she is forgotten! FREE THE MISSILE!

  29. Danny

    Jeez i remember gettign stoned and flying down some single track, thats what MTB was back in the day! and you “all the gear, no idea” bitches piss me off! you’ve no real connection to downhill, instead going buying everything Hope or otehr expensive shit, but not having the balls to go all out anywhere! You fags just stick to your cordoned off lines in your fave resort and leave the real hardcore riding to real MTBers! thats what its about, adn me being a Skateboarder , and Downhiller dating back to 1989, we dont share the same feeling behind the sport, kids now listen to reggae and punk etc coz it matches the sport, but what they dont realise is that you listen to that coz we did back in the day! people like MIssy created the style which you fags have diluted to some lycra wearing middle class weekend jaunt with your mums!


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