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Michal Prokop fastest World Champs 4x Qualifier in Champery

Michal Prokop fastest World Champs 4x Qualifier in Champery

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Full results up soon, but Michal Prokop has qualified first in Champery

Just had a quick update from Mr 4x, Chris Roberts:

“Graves punched 1st corner
Slavic got the rocks all wrong saved it but rode over flag had to stop turn round run back up the hill to pass the flag again.

Scott Roberts went over the bars on the rocks but is ok.

The random Turkish rider fell off out the gate! Just about made it down.”

Scott Roberts and Will Evans

Photos:Chris Roberts

  1. thecatinthehat

    shocked the uci allow you to do this dirt 😛

  2. Tino

    No 66?

  3. Jamie

    What happened to Graves?

    A private protest against Rockyroads? 😉

  4. enri

    i guess,by vital slideshow or something,that graves,and possibly slavik too,believes that getting gate 1 or 2 isn’t that good,so he might have purposely chosen to get a “bad” gate that he thinks will be better..

  5. billy

    Enri, just had an update from Chris Roberts trackside, Graves punctured and Slavik messed up in the rocks.

  6. spud

    So the 2008 champion Alvarez de Lara is back…

  7. Karate chris

    I think rougher courses that suit full-sus bikes give 4x a more unique identity. In the slideshow Graves criticized the rougher/varied nature of the course and said it would just make “the gate” more important… which I didn’t quite understand. Perhaps a few more punctures will help change his opinion?

  8. vice

    @karate chris
    I believe that the more they built rock/roots garden on 4X tracks (however it s one lined or not), gates get obiously more important. for quali I reckon it doesn t matter, but for finals, eventually the guy in front choose the fastest line and the ones behind follow that same fast line or believe they can overtake riding slower lines. actually watching closely 4X WCs you don t see many passing occuring in those sections but when someone crash by himself.
    big turns and braking points is what 4X need…to me

  9. karate chris

    @ vice
    Point taken, there have been some good racing at smoother tracks with wide turns to encourage overtaking. Thanks for clarifying Graves’ comments, I see his point now. I guess it’s hard to make a rough track with multiple line choices. However, the men’s final showed that these rough tracks can make for exciting racing since its harder for the racers to keep on their bikes!


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