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Michal Mároši: Wall ride overtake at 4X Pro Tour at JBC Bike Park

Michal Mároši: Wall ride overtake at 4X Pro Tour at JBC Bike Park

This is an amazing piece of overtaking from Michal Mároši after an off screen crash during his race run. Genius.

Here it is again from another angle.

UPDATE: Thanks to Ralph Fourcrossem, heres the full race run with the massive whip crash up top.

The Finals went off without a hitch, with Tomas Slavik Taking the win in the mens and Katy Kurd wrapping up the tour win with a win in the ladies finals.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsqo27wGzfIHeres the Full Results:

Final Results Men and Women 4X Pro TOur Rd4


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  1. The butcher

    Most exciting mtb sport on the planet….

  2. rod fountain

    Ha! And the UCI can’t claim ANY of the credit for this radness either!

    1. The+butcher

      For f sake when’s everyone going to realise (from media people to the man walking his sausage dog up the park) that 4x is just brilliant!
      Come on magazine people, get your shit together…….

  3. Ralph Fourcrossem

    Off screen!?
    What’s this then eh?
    Marosana Never Dies!

    1. Nick Hamilton

      Brilliant! Cheers Ralph… will add it in up top!

  4. g

    finally a 4x track that doesnt look like a lame bmx track

  5. Andy Coumbe

    Farking legend! Screw the UCI (of course)

  6. John Boy

    Where’s the Rob Warner commentary when you need it?!

  7. dale

    1 rad rider does not make 4x good…. i think my nan in her mobility scooter could ride better than the other guys in this


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