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Mens results from UCI DH World Cup - Hafjell

Mens results from UCI DH World Cup - Hafjell

What a race! Steve Smith took the win in Hafjell Norway keeping the battle for the overall alive. Fastest qualifier Gee Atherton stopped dead when he hit a tree in the rock garden. He finished in 12th. Danny Hart had a return to form with a very impressive second place. Andrew Neethling proved he still has the speed finishing 3rd overall, with the podium being finished off by Sam Blenkinsop in 4th and World Champion Greg Minnaar in 5th.

Stevie is now clawing back at Gee in the overall, he’s only 17 points behind now, it will come down to the final race to see who takes the overall title.

1st – Stevie Smith
2nd – Danny Hart
3rd – Andrew Neethling

  1. DTM

    Couldn’t have asked for a better top 3! Stevie keeping the WC chase alive, Danny proving he is one of the best wet weather riders ever, and Needles coming right. Epic race.

  2. Richie

    Great work from the Brit contingent again.

  3. Roby

    What a Pitty for Peaty…of the podium by tiny little bit. Would be so stoked to see him back on the podium. And so cool that he is still contender for a podium and can chase up those young guns!

    1. Andy+V

      When you’ve raced as long as the legend, you will have some leaner years. Even in those times, he’s still been a threat. He has more race experience than a large portion of the field combined. Never count out Peaty!

  4. turks

    marcelo gutierrez is getting there, he has been steady and stealthy on the top ten, I hope to see him start gaining positions that’s gonna be super awesome.

  5. Jimbo

    Didn’t realise that Gee had gone all green on us, love to see him hugging trees.


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