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Meet Danny Hart at the Dirt Bike Show

Meet Danny Hart at the Dirt Bike Show

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

I’ve got a feeling Danny Hart is going to be rather busy with meet and greets this Winter!

One place where nice guy Danny will be shaking hands, signing autographs and recounting the tale of his amazing World Championship race winning run at Champery this Winter will be at the Dirt Bike Show at Stoneleigh Park.

If you’re a braaap braaap fan and want to meet our new Champ in the flesh then put this date in your modern day filofax and pop along.

(Danny is pretty handy on a moto too, check this DirtTV: Danny Hart Winter Training vid we did last year)

The International Dirt Bike Show, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, 3rd to 6th November 2011

DIRT readers are all too familiar with the speed downhill mountain bike racers can wring out of their bikes but for many hardened motocross and enduro riders, the thought of getting the same adrenaline rush that comes with racing from a bike without an engine probably seems like a departure from reality.

Newly-crowned 2011 UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Champion Danny Hart will be spreading the pedal-power message at this year’s International Dirt Bike Show at Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry, in November. Danny and his dad have been regulars at motocross meetings and Danny credits motocross as one of his favourite hobbies and training disciplines.

Newly-crowned World Downhill Mountain Bike Champ Danny Hart with girlfriend Cat

The Show organisers were at Champery, Switzerland where they saw Danny lift the title and were blown away by his speed and riding skills. “We’re always on the lookout for different elements to bring to the Dirt Bike Show, “said Joanne Watson. “We believe there is a pretty close synergy between mountain biking and motocross and, of course, the flipside is that many top-level crossers use mountain bikes for their own training.

“Danny and his team will be exhibiting throughout the four-day show and we expect him to be hauled up onto the stage for frequent interviews. After all, an eleven second margin and a top speed of just over 40kph are pretty amazing stats and we’re sure our regular show visitors will be as impressed as we were.”

Visit www.dirtbikeshow.co.uk or call 0844 800 6481 for further information.

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  1. dirk pumpa

    ^ you dirrrrrty bastard ^

  2. guido

    i can’t think of a single instance where its a good idea to use the word ‘synergy’.

    if you’re sponsored by Fox then its a canny move to give your bird a fox t shirt knowing that that’s where the gaze of potential buyers will be drawn to. Shrewd marketing move Danny

  3. DNS

    …except, he’s not sponsored by Fox…

  4. DNS

    derrrrp, maybe he is. I was thinking of Fox suspension…

  5. cool hand luke

    @guido the only acceptable instance for the word synergy is in a sentence that takes the piss out of middle management types.

    he had his whole family kitted out in fox at the worlds, those tshirts actually look pretty cool in my opinion.

  6. Tom

    The synergy between the shaft and the frontal lobes gave us a dickhead.

  7. Maximilian

    I can’t believe some people analize the fact that Danny’s family and girlfriend dare to wear the make of clothing of his sponsor! What else should they be on? The gear of the biggest competitor??? Geesh! I wish him all the best and may he have good sponsors to support him even better from now on!


  8. raddog

    ‘saucy little minx’ is what should be written on that t-shirt. Fox works too. :)

  9. Steve

    I hope she has pet insurance..

  10. fergus

    ive got to be honest wtf is it on these websites, its the same on pink bike etc, but those comments are soo fucking unbelievably perverted i bet your like 4o sitting at home in your underpants sitting on your insecurities – why make a comment like that publicly on the internet if you wouldnt say that to a real girls face. fair enough a cheeky wee comment among friends when your out but on the comments to a story which isnt even remotely related. i remember an article a while a in dirt that said something about when most mountain bikers see a women around bikes the turn into “a giant raging errection” sady this is true…

  11. Andy

    I have to say, it is kind of a bad move to get your girl friend in on photo shoots, your kind of asking for the faceless keyboard jokers to take the piss. Some riders manage to keep their wifes\girl friends out of public view pretty well. Lets face it, did you honestly expect no one to say something…this is the interwebz!, either you are new to the whole thing or just stating the obvious.

  12. dee

    The good news,I think Danny Hart is so way above anyones bullshit.His girlfriend is hot,he so f***ing fast and has great style.I’m just looking foward to see him rip it up in 2012 !!!


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