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Maxxis release some serious 27.5" rubber in the shape of the High Roller II

12:57 30th May 2013 by Ed Haythornthwaite

Maxxis are well and truly embracing the whole big wheel thing, and that can only be a good thing. I mean the biggest hurdle facing a new wheel size is making sure there is decent rubber available, it’s what’s put so many people off in the past, but with Maxxis now announcing new bigger versions of their legendary tyres on an almost monthly basis we should soon have every need covered.

This month we see a big ‘enduro’ sized gap filled, and some super fast 29′er tyres…

If you’re still sat there thinking ‘but I want something even more hardcore’ then don’t worry because as I said before Maxxis are bringing out new tyres all the time, and a little birdy told me that a 29×2.5″ Minion DHF with a Maxx Grip 3C compound will be out in the next few weeks, plus a little further down the line we’ll see both Maxx Grip 3C and Super Tacky versions of the 27.5×2.4″ High Roller II, complete with dual ply sidewalls. Now those are DH tyres if ever I’ve seen them!

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the deal is with all the different ’3C’ types then basically they all use three different compounds but are tailored to a specific task. As you might have guessed Maxx Grip is for DH use, Maxx Speed is all about…you guessed it, speed, and then Maxx Terra fits in the middle as a kind of perfect compromise for general trail use. Or do I have to say ‘enduro’ these days?

Anyway, what with Maxxis and several other companies really opening up the floodgates now on decent bigger tyres it’s really not going to be long before the selection becomes as wide as it is for 26″ wheels.

For full details on all the sizing and casing options, and the relevant prices, head over to www.maxxis-bicycle.co.uk

  1. Machete

    I don’t care what size your wheels are but if you’re going bigger so you can ride “super fast” then when everybody has made the switch you’ll be slow again.

    1. Steven

      But if you just like the feel of going fast and you go faster with 27.5/29 inch inch tyres then it doesn’t matter if everyone else has also moved up a wheel size. Also, your comment applies to just about every innovation in the bicycle industry.

    2. fivish

      But of course the original mountain bikes were 650b. By your logic a 26″ wheeled bike is no mountain bike.

  2. Hancock

    So when’s a Larsen 29 coming along then? Minion 29s is good news, maybe more than one decent 29er dh bike to go with it now?

  3. JFC

    Can someone at the UCI please put a stop to everyone calling something that doesn’t have 26″ wheels a mountain bike? Maybe the new standard is 26 DH, 27.5 or smaller Enduro and 29 or smaller XC? At least then a rider would have to pedal the extra rotating mass uphill and it wouldn’t all be about rolling faster than a 26 over the same size bump. A BMX with 24″ wheels is a cruiser, not a BMX, etc…

    1. Hancock

      JFC how about no. MTB racing has always been a run what you’ve brung kind of sport, a bunch of industry snobs deciding what is and isn’t a ‘mountain bike’ is not good for anyone

      1. Gabe

        Surely a bike for riding up and down mountains is a mountain bike… Don’t worry tho. Olympic xc was won on a 26, enduro wc rd 1 was won on a 26 (I think) and dh wc riders are still using multiple rims per weekend as the current wheels can’t take the abuse, so very unlikely anyone but slow guys and full factory sponsored pros will be thinking about making their wheels any weaker. Basically I don’t think 26 is going to disappear any time soon.

  4. Darren

    A 27.5″ tyre from Maxxis? That’ll be £60, suckers!

  5. Peter

    These are gonna be awesome – 27.5 x 2.3 high roller 2 TR (tubeless ready) £40. I’ve paid for two, should be here in a few weeks.

  6. rick

    i overheard someone the other day describing there bike as a twenty sixxer. he heard me tut.

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