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Maxxis Cup Round #1 - Gouveia:Results and Video

Maxxis Cup Round #1 - Gouveia:Results and Video

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Athertons dominate at the first round in Gouveia, with both Gee and Rachel taking wins.

With all the talk of Vigo earlier in the week the Maxxis Cup at Gouveia last weekend slipped under the radar but good old Pedro Gonçalves sent us over this report, cheers Pedro.

Maxxis Cup #1 – Gouveia

It was in Gouveia, Portugal, that the first round of the Maxxis Cup took place last weekend.
It rained a lot but fortunately on sunday the sun shined.
320 athletes were signed from 7 different nations, where only 150 would pass to the final.
The Brits were the ones who best adapted to the track, taking home the win in every category except for the Masters 30.

Gee Atherton (Animal/Commençal), as expected, won in Elites, but the big surprise was second place Portuguese Emanuel Pombo (Liberty Seguros/Specialized), leaving World Cup regular Robin Wallner (Sparvagen CF) in 3rd place.

In Womens, Rachel Atherton (Animal/Commençal) took the victory with a wide margin to second place Aimee Dix (Mojo/Orange) and third place Harriet Latchem (Propain Bikes).



Elite Man:
1 – Gee Atherton 3:06.359
2 – Emanuel Pombo 3:12.563 +6.204
3 – Robin Wallner 3:13.973 +7.614
4 – Niklas Wallner 3:19.696 +13.337
5 – Ben Reid 3:20.268 +13.909

Elite Woman:
1 – Rachel Atherton 3:44.118
2 – Aimee Dix 4:13.832 +29.714
3 – Harriet Latchem 4:28.327 +44.209

Full results are here. (Think you have to “save link” to get the pdf)

Maxxis Cup International Gouveia 2010 from Fernando Leite on Vimeo.

The Dirt Norco team had their first outing on the new bikes with Ben Reid taking 5th and Stanny 9th.

Hopefully we’ll bring you more news/photos about the team later today, so keep ’em peeled.
Before that, check out two spy shots from PinkBike courtesy of MTBfoto


Dan Stanbridge: Photo: MTBfoto


Ben Reid: Photo MTBfoto

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  1. MuSkA

    Proud to be Portuguese!
    Go Pombo!

  2. billy

    Will we see Pombo at any World Cups?

  3. willysnow

    good to see Miss Atherton back on form

  4. Leon

    Rachel atherton 29 seconds ahead , Fair play !

  5. Christiaan

    Where was Dan Atherton?

  6. BenjaminPorter

    Loving the Dirt Norco team colours and paint jobs.

  7. Chris

    Is Dan off riding 20 inchers somewhere, there has been talk of him as a potential for 2012 and that he might be doing some of the supercross rounds. Madrid is this weekend.

  8. Hancock

    Ooohhh.. Rachel’s back with a win.

    The rest of the world cup field must be quaking in the boots by now.

  9. ATalas

    finally on the podium! go pombo! he will be doing the world cups this year along with his brother.

  10. EdgarM

    Congratulations Pombo, Portugal at the top … Attention world championship riders are aware it will be there…

  11. DIRT Editor

    Hey that Dirt team looks RAD!

  12. sam flockhart

    do you not think is is about time that they took a bit more interest in the younger riders for once

  13. jonnyboyhick

    Who cares about the young guys unless they are beating all the elites.

  14. billy

    Sam , send me photos and reports from you the Juniors and I’ll post them up next time.

  15. jim

    haha well rache hasnt lost anything without racing for a year !

  16. Luis André Maxis

    Yeah boy! nice weekend! congrats to Pombo!

  17. cycloholic

    Rachel Atherton with a time that puts her in the top 50 men. Wow!

  18. nozes

    Hey,check it out a nice video from the race here: http://vimeo.com/10445849

  19. sam flockhart

    Didnt mean to come across strong aye. just saying. :)

  20. spunkface

    Man that looks like a knackering track. Good job done by Aimee Dix as well, 2nd to Rach Atherton ain’t a bad thing at all.

  21. Jonhy

    Yes, i agree with sam! I think that times of juniores must have some attention! Because the two first’s juniores did twenty best times on overall :) Like sam, just saying !

  22. TommyD

    Glad to see Rach pinning it again!

  23. iloper

    Hope Pombo can show his talent on some WC. He deservs the opportunity..

  24. Jonhy

    Yeah, Pombo will doing some world cups! He need some lucky for the races, because he have got many talent! And i think that him will suprised very people with their results. Good luck Pombo :-)

  25. Jonas

    yeah, Robin Wallner on the podium and baby brother Niklas just a bit behind =)

  26. Artur

    Hey Billy, Pombo did make this WC in fort william, but unfortinately with 55º place result. I think it was is 1st year in WC, perhaps he may need to get used to this events knowing that the level of competition in WC is very much hard!
    In Maribor he was in 35º place, and in UCI ranking he is 28º.

  27. Artur

    Ups forgot the date!lol


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