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Maribor World Cup Team Videos

Maribor World Cup Team Videos

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Is this the final World Cup team vid? Continually updated…Get the inside scoop on the stories from the opening round of the World Cup series at Maribor straight from horses mouth.

Keep checking back and I’ll add each new video.

MPORA Action Sports >>

Team Norco Dirt in Maribor, Slovenia >>

Dirt Norco Race Team

MPORA Action Sports >>

Santa Cruz Syndicate.

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Team Lapierre International in Maribor

MPORA Action Sports >>

Specialized Team Video: Sam, Brendan and Troy at Maribor

Yeti Cycles World Cup #1 Maribor >>

Yeti Cycles World Cup #1 Maribor

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Not a team video as such but still a great vid from the guys at triride, (interestingly they have footage from the rock garden on finals day, something that the uci told us we couldn’t do…ie film anything other than the finish line and last corner for Downhill and 4x)

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Maribor Mondraker Factory Team

More Mountain Biking Videos >>

CRC Intense.

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  1. Mark

    Good music choice by CRC, sad to see the guy go. awesome vid too

  2. Rafi

    what the hell is up with mondrakers choice of music? its not christmas…. nice vids though

  3. Pip

    Why are the UCI so anal about filming now?

  4. billy

    Freecaster have the exclusive rights, sounds like they are putting pressure on the UCI regarding other filmers.

  5. PeteG

    Good to actually see the line Gee took in the rock garden though, made it look easy.

  6. bobtjustice

    Jeez…Gwin was nearly punched in the face by his bars in the rock garden!!. Gee Atherton went through it like it was a drop off a kerb…excellent stuff.!

  7. Paul

    If Freecaster want exclusive rights, then they should have cameras on the WHOLE TRACK. Do the job right, otherwise someone else should be doing it. It’s ridiculous!

  8. Rich

    So is the freecaster coverage the same as the eurosport 2 coverage? it was on there on sunday night, free.

  9. doobled

    Yeah, eurosport 2 had it, but the commentator was crap, I thought I was watching speed fishing or something.
    Need Warner to commentate for Eurosport, you would laugh and learn stuff.

  10. Rich

    yeah the eurosport commentator was awful, really knew nothing and had no enthusiasm even managed to make the event seem boring. Might pay for the freecaster coverage next time.

  11. Paul

    Jeez,Rafi was not kidding. Mondraker WTF mate. Probably the worst song I have ever heard in a mountain bike video ever.

  12. Max

    everyone take a look at sams rear tyre in the vid when the mechanic is building it. new specialized mud tyre??

  13. adude

    Santa Cruz syndicate vid: http://vimeo.com/11876421

  14. goodgrief

    gwins’ tree hugging effort was brilliant when he got up and started running back up the hill, not realising the bike had carried on without him!


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