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Manon Carpenter 2011 World Champion and World Cup Overall winner

Manon Carpenter 2011 World Champion and World Cup Overall winner

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Manon Carpenter has had an amazing 2011 race season, check out this great race recap.

A’s and A*’s in her exams, World Cup overall winner and now World Junior Champion! It’s been an amazing year for the super talented girl from Caerphilly.

Hopefully we’ll be getting the inside story from Manon in her Champery Chronicles but check out this recap from Ian at Madison.

2011 Junior World Champion, Junior World Cup Champion, 10th World Cup Overall –Manon Carpenter has had an astounding season.

Manon Carpenter

Rewind one year and things were very different for Manon. An injury sustained just one week prior to the 2010 World Championship put the Junior favourite out of the running for those coveted rainbow stripes and put a depressing twist on the end of an otherwise great season.

In March 2011 the Madison Saracen downhill team was unveiled, giving Manon the backing of the UK’s largest distributor and the acclaimed Saracen Myst downhill bike as a platform for her 2011 assault.
Manon’s first race under the Madison Saracen team banner was round 1 of the British Downhill Series at Nant Gwrtheyrn, with a 1st place in the Elite category showing a new found determination for the season ahead.

The first round of the World Cup took place in Pietermaritzburg where Manon opened her World Cup campaign with an 8th place which was then repeated at Fort William. The World Cup circus then rolled across the Atlantic, first to Mont St Anne and then to Windham where two 14th place results put Manon firmly in the lead of the Junior World Cup.

Manon's Saracen Myst

A quick stopover at Crankworx was a very fruitful endeavour, with a 3rd place at the Crankworx Dual Slalom being trumped by a 2nd place at the Garbanzo downhill race.

Back to the World Cup and Manon kept up her impressive form with another 8th place in La Bresse, followed by yet another at Val di Sole. These results gave Manon the 2011 Junior World Cup title by an impressively large margin, with her consistent form also securing a 10th overall in the Women’s field.

With these results came the pressure of expectation as the World Championships came ever closer. Keen to put the disappointment of last year to one side and claim those rainbow stripes that proved so elusive in 2010. Pressure was coming from all angles, not least from Manon herself, who was determined to grab this final opportunity to be Junior World Champion.

Come race day the Champéry track was wet, muddy and wild and proved to be a real challenge for even the best riders in the world. Manon’s run showed exactly how treacherous the course was, with three separate crashes caused by the extreme conditions. In spite of this, Manon put in a run which saw her go a whopping 14 seconds beyond her nearest rival, adding the Junior World Championship to the Junior World Cup victory she secured but a few weeks prior. The good news didn’t just stop there, as Manon’s time was so quick that she would have made the podium in the women’s field as well!

Photos: Jacob Gibbins and British Cycling

Manon is one of the most exciting young riders on the Downhill circuit and all of us at Madison and Saracen are immensely proud of her amazing achievements this year.

Roll on 2012!

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  1. stooky

    Go on!! would have got a bronze in the seniors Bloddy impressive.

  2. Jamie

    Props to Hermione in 3rd, mixing it up with the muggles… 😉

    And even more props to Manon for slaying them all by such a margin.

  3. Sam


  4. Jon

    A truly fantastic season!! All that hard work has paid off! Superb results on and off the race track. Well Done!

  5. Gee

    British downhill has a very very bright future, how long is it before we see the rest of the Madison/Saracen team up there competing for Junior worlds…

  6. Mark

    I frikkin love Manon! Can’t wait to be watching her again next year (on her bike, i’m not a stalker)

  7. dave

    ^^^ yeah mark, that’s what all stalkers say…….

  8. VonDH

    Well done Manon South wales are proud of you

  9. Daniel Blaney

    thought gwin was completely teetotal as part of his gluten free diet? UK law as to drinking is as muddled and confused as the rest of our laws, its 18 to buy but technically from 12 upwards in terms of consumption its up to the parents. Also most kids do not start drinking properly at 12, TomD may be from newcastle

  10. Paul

    Its amazing to see Manon doing so well.
    I think its about time we see more big teams taking on the woman as theres only trek and commecial doing it, Id love to see Santa cruz or Specialized step up to the plate and offer her a great deal as i think she can learn a lot from the other guys especially troy as there the same age and would bond well together.

  11. Chris Waddup

    A long way from helping her dad at the Dragons. You would think the UK media would show some interest.

  12. ben

    well done!!

  13. Si Paton

    Saturday and Sunday the 10th and 11th of September 2011.
    Parking and spectating is free!
    Danny Hart and Manon Carpenter will be opening the race on Sunday morning at 10:50a.m followed by a signing session in the cafe.
    Then stop around to watch the action and cheer on our two new UCI World Champions!
    Please note the black run and Witches trail are open all weekend for you to ride.



  14. Si Paton

    Ooops. Forgot to say Fort William Halo BDS regards the above post!!

  15. Kevolution

    Awesome performance Manon. Jason must be the proudest dad in the world right now.
    All the guys at Lodge Cycles are totally stoked for you guys.
    See you on Sunday at Bryn Bettws.


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