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Man down: Matt Simmonds and Lew Buchanan injured

Man down: Matt Simmonds and Lew Buchanan injured

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Bad news for the CRC/Nukeproof team as Matt Simmonds and Lew Buchanan both crashed out of the Irish NPS race at the weekend and will be out of action for a while.

Get well soon guys!

It’s not all bad news though as Matti Lehikoinen took the win, Joe Smith came in 3rd and Team boss Nige Page bagged a 2nd in masters.

Read on for Pager’s recap of the weekend:

Matt Simmonds

The ChainReactionCycles.com/Nukeproof downhill team raced at the first round of the Irish National Points Series at Rostrevor, Northern Ireland, last weekend with mixed results.

As well as all the high-octane race action in which Matt Lehikoinen took the win, the hardcore track punished many riders, as Team Manager Nigel Page explains:

Well the Irish NPS race didn’t go amazingly well for the team.

Joe Smith, Matti Lehikoinen, Dan Wolfe

I will start on the positives, with Matti Lehikoinen taking the win, and the fastest time of the day and Joe Smith placing third only one second down – so a big congratulations to those guys from the whole team. They are both looking strong early in the season leading up to the World Cup races.

Matti Lehikoinen

On the downside, we had two team casualties from the weekend. The track at Rostrevor is really rocky, pretty slow and technical but very awkward in places, with unpredictable rock sections and to add to it the track was really greasy and slippery making it very difficult to have a clean run.

Lew Buchanan's X ray

Lewis Buchanan had a nasty crash during Saturday morning’s practice when his front wheel slid out on a slippery rock drop and piled his right shoulder into the rocks, and dislocated it. So myself and Lewis went off to hospital to get him some morphine and have it put back in. Very painful for Lew but he is doing OK now.

Matt Simmonds

In Sunday’s race, Matt Simmonds – who was looking amazing on the track throughout practice – caught his pedal on a rocky straight and smashed into some rocks, banging his knee up pretty bad. Matt rode down the rest of the track but looked in a lot of pain and for a guy that never complains he didn’t seem too good.

I suggested we go off to hospital to have it checked out, so it was back to Daisy Hill hospital in Newry for the second time in 24 hours. It turned out that Matt had broken his patella in two, so it was a huge disappointment again. Matt and Lewis have worked so hard on their preparation for this season, so we are all devastated for the pair of them. It looks like they might both have to miss out on round one of the World Cup in Pietermaritzburg next month, but only time will tell.

They will be back on their bikes and racing stronger than ever as soon as possible.

Masters Podium

I could only manage a second place this week in the Masters losing out to local boy Andy Young by two hundredths of a second, but well done to him. Congrats also to Michael Cowan from Chain Reaction Cycles who placed third in the Masters with a great time.

Another positive from the week was that we got some great filming and photographs done earlier in the week with MTBCut and all picked up our amazing new Nukeproof Megas. It was also great to catch up with our 4X riders Lukas and Michael Mechura who came over for the week, and we had a great time hanging out with all the CRC guys who always look after us so well.

The Irish National was well run and well put together. The depth of talent is really good and it was a great atmosphere.

Thanks very much to Michael and Tina for all their help this week, Carl and Brooks for their mechanical skills, and Stu, Aaron and Sebastian from MTBCut.
Our next race is in two weeks time at Moelfre, North Wales for round two of the Halo BDS.

Photos:MTBcut/Sebastien Schieck

  1. ddmonkey

    Bad luck, but a broken patella? Knee pads not up to the job?! I suppose you can never be 100% protected. Get well soon!

  2. Eoin

    Great weekend, cheers CRC. As one rider put it, if you entered this race you had a 1 in 6 chance of ending up in hospital. Gutted to see the dream team lose a few members. Hope they are back and strong soon.

  3. Jamie

    Good advert for the nukeproof knee pads then.

  4. Dirty Dee

    ddmonkey, I was standing right there when he came off. His knee pad must have slipped as he was coming off the bike as it was halfway down his shin when he got up. Unlucky I guess. Great racing though..

  5. Snakebite

    I’ve ridden this track and it’s a lot of fun, I’d go so far as to say I love riding it. Although with the rate of attrition over the weekend I wonder about its suitability as a race venue..such a shame it took so many people out, but it really is a nasty track.

  6. big man


    another of Simmonds crash’s….

    kinda blow’s the “oh Irish tracks are smooth and easy” myth out the window!

    @snakebite its downhill its meant to be hard,
    Rosstrevor is one of the most ridden DH tracks in the country, its not like its a once off for most of these people (CRC nukeproof included) that said it IS a dangerous sport so if your scared don’t do it or get better body armour! that is exactly why the underage are in full body armour now.

  7. Snakebite

    From what I’ve seen of Irish tracks they vary a lot.

    I wouldn’t say I’m scared, just noticed that this track has a very high injury rate when raced.

  8. Mark

    That’s well unlucky that one… looks like he landed on his back rather than his knee

  9. Aaron Bartlett mtbcut

    the above video is NOT the crash that broke his knee. that crash was the one he had in his first run which he came away from uninjured… we actually have his knee breaking crash on go pro,keep an eye out for the video.

  10. sulley

    Wow.., when he pitched forward he just seemed to release like a spring…, on the debate about the track, my own experience with it is that you have to be 100% focused and give it the utmost respect or it WILL bite you in the ass…
    Hey, bad luck Matt, heal fast….

  11. braaap

    Thats unlucky for lew, ligaments are not good to upset. 80% probability of recurrent dislocation.

  12. Si Paton

    Get well soon Matt and Lew from everyone at the Halo BDS. Hope your up and racing real soon. Si, Dave, Hensley and Buzz..

  13. Rory

    With the track used for the race, I’d say on an average of 10 runs, you’ll crash 9 times… Need to know the lines well and be 100% focus not to end up on your head or hole.


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