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Liverpool Superenduro

Liverpool Superenduro

SuperEnduro racing will make it’s world debut on 17 November at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. The cycle event will be one of numerous events taking place on the day including; The Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro and an FMX stunt show.

1381683_10153452051400171_1452387491_nArguably the toughest indoor racing in the world, the SuperEnduro has many technical and challenging obstacles including a water splash, jumps, logs, sand and tyre sections, no two sections of the track surface are the same.

Riders will be racing in heats of 16 for three minutes on a slimmed down version of the MX enduro course. There are a few big names in the MTB world taking part, and start lists have now been released:

Men’s Start list:

James Walker
Jack Hudson
Jonathan Pearson
Andrew Walker
Gary Britton
Lee Kermode
James Green
Lee Feery
Paul Baker
Paul Pickup
Thomas Hindley
Dan Wells
Martyn Brookes
Kai Pitchers
Antonio Fiore
James Tennant
Chris Griffiths
Thomas Mitchell
Andrew Jacques
Jordan Doig
Josh Lewis
Joe Young
Greg Callaghan
Richard Marshall
Adam Brayton
Dave Read
Matt Simmonds
Ben Savage
Charlie Lane
Kenta Gallagher
Danny Hart
Christian Iddon

Women’s Start list

Anneke Beerten
Anna Glowinski
Natalie Creswick
Sarah Brook
Maxine Filby
Jo Munden
Emma Birtles
Sandra Scally
Adel Tyson-Bloor
Clare Curtis
Sheena Booker
Lucy Cash
Katy Winton

The event will be filmed and the highlights will be broadcast on TV. Riders will be allowed to have a look at the track beforehand and take part in practice sessions. Registration has now closed for riders, but you can buy tickets to watch the event here.

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  1. Si Paton

    Chris Smith also confirmed. Riders will race for 3minutes in heats of riders to compete for the podium. Any questions post them below!

  2. joey

    This is just wrong on so many levels.
    God help everyone!

  3. Alex

    Looks like the organizers have been watching Rad (see my link). Sounds a laugh though, may go to watch.

  4. Berty

    This looks and sounds sooooo shit!

  5. Jmmmmmmm

    Way to make us look stupid (er)

  6. Hancock

    I’m confused, is this a moto event or are they actually going to try and pedal push bikes round a moto track? That would be Youtube gold.

  7. g

    I cant see how this is going to be anything other than a complete and utter embarrassment.

  8. Big_Tim

    “Riders will be racing in heats of 16 for three minutes”
    Surely they will barely get a lap done in 3 minutes…?


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