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REPLAY: 2012 World Cup Downhill final action from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa!

REPLAY: 2012 World Cup Downhill final action from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Missed the action? Watch the REPLAY here!!!

The show will start at 12:15pm GMT! We will be serving hot/cold drinks and have a large South African themed buffet for you throughout the race!

(Click the full screen button on the player for the full on experience!)

Thanks to www.redbull.tv for the live stream.

The women start at 11:15 GMT but you can watch the live timing which should appear on the UCI site.

  1. Jus

    Just checked the start times for my team and found Mosley isn’t even riding! When did this happen?! Balls…

  2. Down n Dirty

    like 3 weeks ago

  3. Down n Dirty

    pissing my self click on play and get a view of someones desktop. starcraft short cut.
    and down in the bottom left hand corner. i would be worried if i was broadcasting what that said Microsoft would be having a heart attack :-)

  4. Jus

    That’s it, the missus is banned from hogging the laptop every night. Can’t believe I missed that news. Also can’t believe non of the other guys in my league let me know! Underhand cheating b@!?(;ds! Lol

  5. Hockey Player

    Ha, “this copy of Windows is not genuine!”

  6. Proff

    Couple of hours to go and you can see the guy who’s streaming sending emails haha!

  7. billy

    I think I can hear him breathing too! Spooky!

  8. rosco

    Thats amusing, im hoping he has a look through his family photo album and then checks his on line bank statement! I guess he didnt think anyone would open the stream up but we are all that excited we’ve hooked up already! Cant fucking wait!!
    World Cup 2012!

  9. bardiff

    Lets hope he doesnt do, what most of us are afraid he might do…

  10. raddog

    visit fatchicksinpartyhats.com? Oh no! I bet he does.

  11. ronin

    is it too early for st paddy leftover beers and popcorn as proper wcdh viewing snacks? for 7am usa?

  12. Mothy

    So what’s with the “This copy of Windows is not genuine” banner at the bottom right of the screen? Can’t Redbull/Dirt afford a proper Win7 license? lolz :-)

    Go the Aussies – we’ve been practicing while you sleep …

  13. billy

    Just under 15mins till the women blast off. Check the UCI live timing here http://static.sportresult.com/federations/uci/CM/

  14. chris

    some creepy music playing now….

  15. rmac

    ha open ur emails bud lol

  16. SAdam

    Hahahah FAIL!

  17. MadBikerRich

    does it start at 11.15 or 12.15 ??? im confused

  18. Mothy

    Gmail is so boring …. Anybody up for StarCraft 2?

    (+1) Fail

  19. billy

    The Red Bull show starts at 12:15pm, but the womens race starts now! Hope that clears things up!

  20. Proff

    Wait I fastforwarded to like 4 hours, why is it a Starcraft commentary.. :L

  21. Andrew

    It’s fully lame that they’re not showing the women. Sponsors will drop the women in a heartbeat without exposure, and the last thing we need is MORE MEN and LESS WOMEN on the Sunday morning uplift. DH is a sausage fest as it is! I hope this changes. Anyway, come on Gwin, get me some points!!!!! Come on Minaar, puncture! I take it back, he’s a legend.

  22. Mowgli

    Come on the Brits!

  23. Carl

    Has it started raining there?
    Womens times have dropped…..

  24. ddmonkey

    What on earth are these American dudes prattling on about?

  25. JDub

    super funny!

  26. Jordan

    Uhhh, what’s Starcraft 2 got to do with the World Cup? 😛

  27. S&M

    Andrew – sponsors will drop THE SPORT without exposure, and let’s face it – the men are better to watch. It’d be rad if the women could be brought into it and given more exposure too, but given a limited time frame for streaming, the sport as a whole benefits from more exposure of the best riders.

  28. stooky

    Boom What a time Manon!!

  29. chris


  30. MadBikerRich

    how come there not showing the womans race???

  31. Slam

    Get fuckin sorted with WARNERS crew your is fucked

  32. Bez

    Holding breath for Manon. Damn that spreadsheet is so exciting!

  33. Carl

    Manon guaranteed a podium!!!!

  34. jason

    should really be wanting tracy to win as she’s in my team but go MANON!! in with a shout definately

  35. Steffen

    How come Sabrina and Floriane are both down as DNS?

  36. Carl

    Anyone know why there is a DNS for Sabrina and Floriane?

  37. dan j

    andrew you femenist. shut up. and learn how to talk to chicks that don’t ride

  38. Ol45

    What’s happening with Pugin and Jonnier DNS???

  39. Steffen

    Apparently it’s a suspected broken shoulder for Pugin.

  40. chris

    C’mon Manon!!!

  41. Carl

    @Steffen, thanks. Get well soon Miss Pugin.

  42. ash

    anyone knows why the two frenchies did not start??

  43. Sam

    Well done for Manon coming second. So close, thought she had the win after Traceys first split!

  44. Carl

    Well done Tracey. What a comeback. Hard luck Manon but an excellent race non the less!

  45. woodrat

    Manon 2nd! tracy hannah wins by 0.94

  46. Pez

    Yeeeeeeah nice one Tracy!

  47. stevo

    manon 2nd Ferk Yeah!

  48. lee

    How can a spreadsheet be this exciting?

  49. rambo

    yeah tracey !

  50. Krissboo

    Typical, Get a 503 server error on Redbull livetv…but Dirt come through for THE place to watch live.
    Cheers Dirt

  51. elvislad

    Its on at 1.15 gmt

  52. Jimbobley

    503 Service Unavailable….. panic…… ha ha

  53. Jizzer

    Buy more servers Redbull this is a joke!

  54. josh

    is it just me or is a little jittery

  55. jony.pirata

    yeahhhhh manon,parabens do algarve

  56. Jizzer

    Yay pictures but no comentary! Bring back Freecaster!

  57. Christiaan

    ahahahaha, not working!

  58. TimBud

    Tracey Hannah, just earned me some good points. Nice one!

  59. Tom

    the mens race had better be slicker than this!

  60. Andy

    what the hell, show some live racing, we don’t need to see 2011 reviews when racers are going down the mountain live.

  61. Tom

    well this is great

  62. Josh

    Why cant they just keep it simple and show it all live instead of all this pre recorded rubbish. It’s ridiculous!

  63. thattommyhall

    gone down faster than a french breast implant?

  64. tuoppi

    The stream is not working…

  65. Pez

    Lost count of how many times this feed has totally frozen on me. What a sack of crap! :(

  66. stooky

    quality stream good race! Maybe just need to show more than the top thirty.

  67. LucieB

    It performs more freezes than a breakdancer soooooo annoying. Should have gone to Bringewood and watched live racing as opposed to this stutter tastic version. Bring back freecaster.

  68. Carl


    Thanks to Red bull and Dirt for bringing us the footage:)

  69. TimBud

    Great quality feed for me… except for the terrible filler musac and the fact that it wasn’t quite live.
    Overall though an improvement in the coverage especially as Warner and Page are still involved!

    oh, forgot to say the race was fantastic too. :)

  70. Jizzer

    Works better through Pinkbike forget this Dirt shit.

  71. Turpy

    Great race Thanks Dirt for whatever reason the stream was better through you guys than red bull its self. That has really set it up for a great season well excited now.

  72. flowrideisgood

    The camera coverage of the track was pure crap, 50 sec on a 4 minute track, not a single picture of the massive table.

    red Bull TV had a big mouth before the event annoucing better than Freecaster : fail.
    Add to that all the technical issues and it ‘s been catastrophic.
    Freecaster boys are probably smiling right now.

  73. M

    I had a fantastic feed. Didn’t freeze once for me and the footage looked like 1080p standard compared to 5ft pixles from freecaster. A camera up near the gully and it would have been perfect.

  74. bardiff

    THey need to not cut more than half the riders, it means we missed Brendogs run among many that would have been good to see. Just show the full race and start commentating half way through if that is the only reason they arent doing it. Really pisses me off. Good race though. Red bull need to fix up.

  75. Optimus Doddsy

    few teething problems, to be expected, but overall im impressed and as usual warner and nige were awesome

  76. dhiobsessed

    I miss the days of watching all of the riders. Both men and Woman. For one not all of the riders I like are in the top 30. Secondly, I’m sure mom dad and friends like watching their rider go down the WC track even if he/she is 80th. To get to that level takes treamendous effort.. The beauty of broadcasting over the internet is the lack of tv schedules. That’s something that RBMH house could stand to understand. Making internet broadcasts look like tv is not a step forward it’s mearly standing still. Thirdly, what’s with the lack of additional camera angles during the top 20 riders? Have things changed with the spacing of starts? In the past with the top 20 because the starts are further apart we would get some top of the course camera angles. What happened to those? Not one shot of the massive jumps with the giant Red bull arch seems like a miss.

    I hope in the next 2 months RBMH rethinks this and we get the choice to watch all of the riders. Also camera angles from the top of the track are necessary.


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