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Lewis Lacey wins Cardiff CarPark Urban Dual

Lewis Lacey wins Cardiff CarPark Urban Dual

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The first carpark urban dual that the UK has ever seen took place at Dumfries Place, Cardiff last night in the multistory carpark above the Evans Cycles shop.

90 riders signed on to the start sheet for a chance of winning a big fat £1000 cheque in the Sunday night race. The format was side by side dual racing, 4x start gate, and a 40+ second track descending 4 levels of concrete and tarmac. The fastest 16 qualified for the finals, then had two runs, one in each lane.

4x riders lined up against downhill riders, enduro riders, dirt jump riders and even one bloke on a Brompton folding bike (he didn’t qualify by the way).

Times were tight and only 0.7 seconds separated the top 16 riders. Nathon Parsons put down the fastest quali time with a 40.472 from Scott Beaumont and Max Robinson. When the racing started, nobody quite knew what to expect. Cornering grip was patchy and a few riders slid out and hit the deck. The stair drop caused a fair few punctures too. Martin Ogden and Alex Metcalf clashed in the B final and Oggy went down. Lewis Lacey got the better of Nate Parsons in the main final and walked away with a big grin and the quid cheque!

Katy Curd was in a league of her own in the women’s race and took the winner by a carpark mile.

Big thanks to Evans Cycles for all their help. I think this style of all weather, urban descending has a future for city centre racing. Stay tuned for news about the next race!

We’ll have a DirtTV video out soon with all the race action, so keep them peeled.

King of the CarPark Lewis Lacey and his big fat cheque.

Lacey on the steps.

Lacey, Parsons and Metcalf on the box.

Katy Curd took the win from Jess Greaves and Rachel Burridge.

All sorts of riders turned up, from dirt jumpers to downhillers…

…and even this guy on a folding Brompton!

Qualifications 2012

Women Finals 2012

Men Finals 2012

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  1. dirt dodger

    puts the Polc race and prize money into perspective 😉

  2. oggy

    what race were you watching billy??

    1. billy

      What happened to you then Oggy? Just saw the medics running over and someone said, “He’s hit a bollard!” You okay?

  3. Down n Dirty

    Amazing nights racing.
    here are my efforts from last night

  4. oggy

    billy drop me a m
    essage on facebook

  5. blumpher

    that’s me on the Brompton! did better in the practice as I came off at the bottom of the steps on the timed run, but the best fun I’ve had in ages. Sorry ofr beating you no 24 on the practice run!

    1. c

      Well done Mr Brompton. Very glad you made it through the evening safely, and hope the lovely orange Brompton is in one piece still

      1. blumpher

        I did notice I had managed to twist the handlebars in the clamp whilst sprinting for the line, trying to make up the time I lost after crashing on the steps!

    2. billy

      Ha, glad you had fun! You should enter the Brompton World Champs too http://www.brompton.co.uk/bwc/2012/


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