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Leogang World Cup 2013: Track walk gallery

21:35 19th September 2013 by Dave Jaquin

A fresh shipment of rocks and a layer of mud to fill in the crac

Some new sections have been added to break up the bike park feel in Leogang.

Here we go! It’s World Cup Finals time and the rain has been coming down in Leogang. Not that it affected Casey Brown who was feeling the track and going barefoot! Check out our gallery from Laurence Crossman-Emms and hear from the riders who could be on for a big result this weekend.

  1. dirt dodger

    bring it home Gee ! please :-)

  2. Nick

    Surely that’s a coniferous forest? :)

  3. Oz

    Seriously, why walk the track barefoot? One slip could lead to an awkward fall resulting in a minor injury (sprained wrist, cut palm/finger, bruised elbow etc) which is a complete ballache during a race weekend. Sorry to get all health and safety but I just don’t see the point – maybe for a bit of media coverage? m

    1. Andy V

      For her, she says it’s less slippery than with shoes. You obviously haven’t met too many Canadians! ;)

  4. bedders

    you have to admire a man with the balls to wear a moustache like that. Go Steve. Go Gee.

  5. Andy+V

    I happy with either Gee or Stevie winning the overall. Smith has everything to win and nothing to lose, really. He’s proven he’s worthy and belongs at the top. Gee, while I’m sure he’ll be dissatisfied with losing the overall if it were to be, can only be satisfied with his season considering how his last couple of seasons went.

    I would love to see them tied on points, in all honesty, when the dust/mud clears.

    Gonna’ be a burner!!!


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