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Leogang World Cup Track Photos

Leogang World Cup Track Photos

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The World Cup juggernaut travels to Leogang, Austria for UCI round #3.

Official track walk is tomorrow, Thursday, but here are 42 sneak preview shots from my stroll down this afternoon.

Straight out of the start hut you drop into some steep fast rutted turns, round a wooden right hander that skirts an Austrian farmers house then it’s into the first surfaced pedally trail section (there are two of these). This spits you into a gnarly wooded section, then it’s back out for some more surfaced single track traversing the mountain, a short open meadow blast then it’s back into the lower woods before launching a steep drop and navigating the bike park to the finish.

Have a gander at some random track shots from top to bottom.

  1. Leon

    Bottom half looks good but the top half with all gravely smooth stuff and north shore looks a bit crap , and carpet on a track ! what ever next 😛

  2. james

    looks like some sweet alpine single track

  3. Dirty Dee

    I can see a lot of riders not really liking this track, it’s no schladming is it?

  4. billy

    The woods are Schladming-esque and really good and technical,the gravel connecting bits are a bit tame but lets see what the riders think tomorrow.

  5. matlem

    looks like its quite an old school track. wonder how Peaty will get on with it?

  6. nikifor

    i tell you what I see

    boring top section, ehh, screw that

    nice rooty woods

    nice steep rooty woods. niiiice.

    some open fields, screeew them.

    some amazing, amazing i say, jumps, and i say, its gonna be soo whipped, f yeah!


    its gonna be legen…wait for it….dary!

  7. PeteS

    Considering how little notice they had, I think they’ve done a good job of getting a solid course ready.

    It’s a shame Schladming isn’t in the calendar, but with Champery 2 weeks later, it means there’s more variety in the tracks this year, meaning we’ll see who’s the best all round rider. Gee and Minnaar will smash this track.

    Hoping Cathro get’s on the podium!

  8. MINT

    is hill racing?

  9. ronin

    I think the track will get whipped. alot maybe.

  10. ronin

    do we know if Rob might have hill & barel in the booth? just a thought.

  11. Oran

    By the weekend I reckon it will be a slimefest and those roots are going need medic near them cause they are gonna take some casualties! Sweet track though quite like the old school feel.

  12. Ask Frank

    Track looks amazing, cannot wait to see this on Freecaster this weekend. If it rains its gonna be such a fun race to watch with loads of messy crashes over them roots.

  13. Rich

    Cannot wait for all the riders bringing out the “wasn’t keen on the pedaling bit at the top” excuse. You have pedals, bloody use them!

  14. generator
  15. RHS

    I reckon track looks great and in the wet conditions its gonna be something…BUT…if I was the cameraman I’d be a bit worried about dodgy looking scaffolding!

  16. Vathana Song

    What kind of times are projected for this track?

  17. SA Springbok

    quite a lot of open straights, peddling is going to win this…

  18. Dirty Dee

    could we see the first Gwin win? i think he’ll do well here somehow

  19. zac

    tops a bit tame but the track seems quite good.
    could maybe do with a bit more of a rock garden ?

  20. mj

    I’m sure part of it is just the pics, but the track looks to be taped very narrow in a lot of spots.


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