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Leogang World Cup DH Track Photos

Leogang World Cup DH Track Photos

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The dust from Fort William has barely settled but World Cup round #3 Leogang is just days away!!!

World Cup round #3 at Leogang will kick off this weekend. Here’s a bumper crop of track photos from Austria. The course looks nearly identical to last year with a few minor tweaks here and there.
The two flat-ish traverses are still in with the second one looking almost like tarmac. The top section and the woods look awesome though. Rain is predicted for the next day or so (raining now) but sunshine for the weekend.

Stay tuned for full World Cup #3 coverage right here on Dirt.

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  1. Tom_

    Brooming the track, haha!
    Who’s the incognito girl?
    Has she solid “Holz vor die Hüttn”?

  2. DIRT HQ

    That is the one and only Jill Kintner.

  3. Morgan

    Looks like a Trak!
    Some of those shots of the rooty woods look similar to the Forest of Dean trails mid-summer; only they don’t have the beautiful backdrops, nor the military(?) guys carrying out trail repairs.
    What’s the story on the 4X track? Is it the same as before i.e. is that mental step-on step-off still being used? Really hope so, as Leogang was one of the highlights of the season when it last raced. Looking forward to having a few mates over, firing up the BBQ, opening a few beers, linking the laptop to the TV, clicking Freecaster, and watching some more 4x carnage! Second week in a row!

  4. Mary

    Excellent work, loving all the photos…more and more please.

  5. Duncan

    @Morgan the mental step-on step-off is still here!

  6. billy

    Morgan, will bring you full 4x track photos tomorrow, at first glance it seems the same layout, few new berms here and there. Stay tuned!

  7. stooky

    Nice. Looks like it might get a little rutted if it rains?

  8. Leon

    What is with the track sweeping ? Never thought I would see that at a DH event !
    Track looks mean as tho , nightmare if them roots get wet

  9. Johan

    Looks way more tamer this year, last year it was bomb holes and deep ruts pretty much the entier way down. Felt super sketchy to ride. Going to ride a fair bit faster and more flowier this year, going to be some sick footage! I think the riders will appreciate the added grooming, last year it was a bit over top dangerous in some sections.

  10. RB967

    Great pics. Do the Austrian military really repair their tracks?

  11. Munzy

    This is great, we need races every week-keeps the excitement sky high!

  12. phil

    some seriously stalky pics of jill there!

  13. billy

    Phil, how can they be stalky if you walk the track together?!

  14. Adolf

    We in austria have our own trial maintaince departments in military.

    i’m realy surprised you don’t.


  15. geetee

    Guys your server is running slower than me on a downhill bike!

  16. Brentstyle

    Bring back Adam Brayton NOW!

  17. dirt dodger

    some good pics of what will be a fast track regardless of the rain and i think the holes will be back no doubt but WTF is up with the pics of piles of wood DIRT? HAHAAAA

  18. chajcu

    if only the photos on your website’s viewer could be changed by keyboard’s arrows (like in some galleries) watching them wouldn’t be such a mess. is there anything you can do about that? or is this my firefox or something else.

  19. billy

    DirtDoger, the Austrians have it dialled when it comes to stacking wood. As an ex-wood burning stove man myself I can appreciate the artistry and skill involved in a well stacked wood pile. I’ve got more if you want to see?


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