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Leogang World Cup Split Time Analysis

Leogang World Cup Split Time Analysis

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

An in depth study of the Leogang World Cup split times from Austria.

Checkout the times in between the splits to see who was fastest in what section. You can click on the arrows in the tables to sort the data.

Disclaimer: This could be a touch wonky…it’s late, very late. It’s been a super long and exciting day. I can hear the parties kicking off outside my tent, I’ve got to get up at 6.00am, so will correct this at another time if there’s any errors!

split time

[table id=34 /]

  1. iloper

    Gracia could have been 3rd at least

  2. sekops

    Thumbs up for the analysis!

  3. Dylan

    Imagine if Stevie had had a better first split…

  4. MINT

    I heard the thing gee handed too aaron at the end of the race was his front tooth?hahaha

  5. Steve

    Would be great to get a description of each section, to know which one was the steepest and which one was the most pedally etc

  6. Torico

    WorLd cup split time data would be a more apt description, analysis really should include some commentary

  7. jonzo

    Great info… keep it coming!

  8. billy

    Steve, Torico…it’s early days…I will try and include more ‘analysis’ next time! (there’s only so much you can do at 11pm at night!)

  9. Rick T

    Gwin’s first split time is mind boggling. Is that the bike parky
    section above the trees?

  10. Soutie1

    Minaars times where goodseems to be strugling with the new pressure from Gwin, Pity about the top section. Gwin is on fire at the moment. But Minaar will get there……I hope

  11. max the welsh janner

    send someone down with one of those gps headcam things. it would be cool to see the gradient/vertical drop of the track and where is pedally and steep and that. tidy.

  12. patrick

    @ Rick T:
    dont know where the first split exactly is (before, in, or after the first pedally/jump straight) but most of this time was the deep, rough and turny grass-section.

    (not on freecaster this year :( , but watch the replay from last year- track changend a bit, but u get an idea of the track-part)

    think gwinn will destroy them all in la bresse

  13. Hampson

    Am i the only one who noticed eliot jackson?? He was 3 seconds up on pekoll’s time and then crashed. Rab walner didnt mantion anything, even when tones more riders came down with nowhere near that time.

    Most underrated ride of the day that one! i rekon he would have broke the top ten!

  14. patrick
  15. Brett Wolmarans
  16. matt

    elliot jacksons split two time was top fifteen. it even beat fabien barels-barel crashed after the second split

  17. Ben

    Billy… What’s the chance of renaming “Split 1″, “1 to 2″ and “2 to Finish” Sectors 1, 2 and 3 respectively? I think it will just be a little more tidy, sound a bit better, and perhaps be a bit more understandable. That way you could talk about a “sctor time” etc, which is a lot easier. Great stuff though…as ever

  18. Ben

    Or even for Split 1… “Split 1(Sector 1)” or something… 😀


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