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Leogang World Cup Practice: Victor's 7-a-day

Leogang World Cup Practice: Victor's 7-a-day

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Photographer Victor Lucas gives us a magnificent seven from Leoganger World Cup practice day in Austria.

If you’re wondering about Victor’s Fort William Mystery Rider…then stay tuned to the DirtTV chit chat video and all will be revealed!

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  1. Brendoggiveitall!!!

    Dear Dirt

    practice is a noun
    practise is a verb

    World Cup Practice = as a noun.
    They practised = as a verb.

    I noticed last week on the Fort Bill articles but just thought I’d let you know this week.

  2. Production run

    Nice shots. I’m loving Tracey’s white Trek with the red link. I hope it makes production next year, it’s a lot nicer than all of the previous models. More like Treks road bikes which look amazing.

  3. billy

    Dear Brendoggiveitall!!!

    I shall


    my Spelling

    fOr U


  4. maverickdh05

    Props to Brendog for riding thought he was done after Ft Bill on that ACL
    Hope it goes well for him.

  5. Badger

    Brendoggiveitall!!! Did you not appreciate the artistry of Victor’s photos? F*$k the spelling!

  6. Brendoggiveitall!!!

    Thanks Billy!

    No offence at all intended, @Badger – of course the shots are amazing as usual.

  7. billy

    Brendoggiveitall!!! Checkout the latest posts…with less “S” and more “C” cheers for the spelling lesson, I try my best but I’ll admit grammar is not my strong point (grade d in CSE)

  8. Brendoggiveitall!!!

    Top effort Billy! Much respect. Loving the Dirt coverage of this years WC – gets better every year.


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