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Leogang World Cup Finals 2013: Results

Leogang World Cup Finals 2013: Results

_MG_6720We can’t think of enough superlatives to describe that race! The tension was near unbearable but luckily for us the riders can handle it.

Canadian Chainsaw Massacre Steve Smith took the World Cup finals win and with it the overall title. Gee Atherton didn’t exactly look slow but only managed to put in time worthy of 4th place. 2nd place qualifier Mick Hannah came in 3rd with the top 5 being finished off by Josh Bryceland.

In the Women’s Rachel Atherton came 2nd behind Emmeline Ragot, enough to secure the overall title she was 4.817s up on fellow Brit Manon Carpenter in 3rd. Jill Kintner put in a blinder and landed 4th spot with the top 5 finished off by Myriam Nicole.

Junior Men was solid for the Brits after the 1,2 in Hafjell last weekend. Mike Jones in 3rd behind Loris Vergier (2nd) and Noel Niederberger who took the win. Jure Zabjek came in 4th and Innes Graham took his second top 5 result in as many weeks with a 5th place.

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  1. turks

    I’m stoked for marcelo guitierrez he’s been great this seasons so composed he manage to be a steady 8/7 all season, climbing on to this 6th place, WAY TO GO MARCELO. and as of gee its a shame he was strong all season but didn’t seem to have fun which annoyed me, on the other hand smith did seem to be enjoying himself which showed on the results. I wish aaron gwin (my favorite rider) make a great comeback next year.

    1. Wasthatit

      I see your point but think it’s a little unrealistic to judge a riders personality by the way they act in the pressure cooker of a WCDH. Smith obviously deals with pressure extremely well and he also rips, just can’t believe we have to wait until 2014 before they go at it again!

      1. turks

        I guess gee has had a couple of years of awesome riding but he seems frustrated that it hasn’t pay off with enough glory, like he just can’t have it he is winning and always on the podium, but someone always steals from it which (as aaron gwin once said) the over all is what matters, being aaron gwin who actually won that by winning almost every race last season, I guess only losing the ones where he crashed or DNS (one to smith). theres a short audio track where Gee seems quite annoyed and theres one vid where Bruni said he is not putting himself pressure, and look at the results. it’s racing after all (as gwin said it). but yeah you’re right I might not be judging them as they are the best of the best.

  2. Ronin

    Stevie Smith. WCDcHampion!

  3. Hecklerone

    Congrats Steve , cause after that world champion run (not)the best MAN won. Hey gee no balls no title. Congrats to all riders both women and man for this great season

    1. Willy W

      What sort of numb-skull are you?

  4. Bast


    Yes Josh, next year is your, Loic de la balle, Smith great le caribou!

    Rachel can I married you?

    Thank you all the riders for the great year!

  5. Boing78

    Gutted for Gee, but chuffed for Smith! He’s been building momentum all season and it pushed him faster and faster. Been a good season overall and great way to finish with so much resting on the final race! Let’s hope for another banger next year!

    Also incredibly well done to Rachel. She has been untouchable this year :)

  6. chris

    Bl##dy armchair critics making your mind up based on tiny sound bites. Wyn Masters and Mr Gas-to-Flat are always having fun but they’re not winning. Sam Hill slaughtered the opposition while sounding dead-pan in the interviews. Just because you’re not cracking jokes and turning on the charm offensive doesn’t mean you’re not enjoying racing.

    Commiserations Gee, I salute you for good sportsmanship. Congratulations Stevie Smith, that was an awesome run…you’re a well deserved champion but learn to be a gracious winner too (we all saw that air punch when gee hit the tree).

    1. mitsos

      You call people armchair critics but then you go ahead and give advice to Steve Smith, from your armchair. lol

      1. scriz

        So stoked for Stevie Smith! Amazing style on the bike and a great rep for the sport. It’s also crazy how volatile WC is these days. Half of the top 10 riders out injured for the last race. Gee started off the season looking so dominant, but seemed to fade a bit, while others like Hannah and Smith picked up momentum.

        Also, anyone who thinks Stevie snatched this title last minute wasn’t paying attention. Smith pretty much dominated after MSA… Gee was lucky to salvage so many points from that race. Hopefully Smith will get the rainbows next year at Hafjell too :)

  7. Eoin

    I was on the edge on my seat for Smith’s entire run cheering at every split… To win this race under the amount of pressure he was under, especially since champs muct have been on his mind, was incredible to watch. He was literally flying out of corners too, such sick riding!

  8. Andy V

    While it’s a blow that he wound up 2nd overall, Gee now has some aggression to unleash on Rampage. All the same, Stevie more than earned the championship. He was always near the top…and then nothing but the top over the 2nd half of the season. He was in a zone like no other. Awesome battle between the two.

    Props to Ratboy for a 5th on the day. Stormin’ run! For a minute, I thought he might have nailed it. Then Bruni put a nice dent into that time. At that point, I was sure either Gee or Stevie would top it somehow. So close for him…next season for sure for Loic.

    Can we just start the ’14 season now??

  9. Toto

    What an amazing finale. Didn´t care whether Stevie or Gee made it in the end, the whle season has been pure gold. With Gee dominating the beginning I was a bit afraid we might wind up with a one-man-show just like we did with Sam and Aaron, but holy s*** was I wrong. Also extremely happy for Ratboy, Brui and Thirion for pulling well deserved results, most amaznig riders to watch out there.

  10. jumbo

    That track is so pish even the technical bits are point and shoot… but somehow managed to get a good race out of it.

  11. Boomba

    Dirt: No mention of Loic´s awesome accomplishment in your article? Congrats Loic!

  12. Wasthatit

    Nobody mentioned (or did they!?) Mike Jones narrowly lost the overall title to Loris Vergier by 4 points. Less than a second for the top 3, amazing!

  13. Stumppumper

    What exactly did Sam Blenkinsop say to Josh Bryceland? I only caught the last word,lol

  14. Peter

    Anyone got a link to the overall WC results? Can’t find it on the UCI website. Thanks


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