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Leogang World Cup 4x track photos

Leogang World Cup 4x track photos

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Check out the photos from the 2011 Leogang World Cup 4x track.

As with the DH track the 4x is nigh on identical to last year with a couple of small additions.

One change is the inclusion of a small inside berm on the second corner which should open things up a bit.

The Pro line off to the side is still in, if the track stays dry it might be an option as it cuts out the rock garden section.

The super long, fast exciting main straight with the huge step up-to-wooden-bridge and the multiple rhythm sections are looking good.

I remember some spectacular passes on this section last year.

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  1. Stefan

    there will be destroied bodies all over se place … the step-up-step-down looks soooo sick, when you stand next to it .. riders are extremly fast there

  2. KidCards

    Minus the rock garden i don’t see anything that sets it apart from a bmx track. Bit of a shame really, i was hoping that bigger jumps/technical sections would be brought in this year to mix things up, i guess not.

  3. Mrgan

    Is there any point to that Pro-line? Now that the second corner has two berms to rail, is anyone going to out of their way over the berm, down an off camber corner just to hit some slow looking doubles? Rain or no rain, I reckon riders sticking to the upper line and rock garden will be well away, or at least carrying far more speed out of turn three into the all important step-on-off and rythmn section.
    Guess we’ll have to wait and see….

  4. si

    They get the Army in to sweep the track?? And on the DH as well? Or is matching green ‘in’?

  5. Anti Troll

    @ KidCards, keep quiet!
    Its one of the most mountain bike tracks on the circuit. I walked it earlier! Why don’t you come ride it on you’re bmx? I dont think you’d get past the first corner!
    Bloody Haters!

  6. andi

    was there last year. that step up/step down is huuuuge. nice track, cant wait for the race!

  7. KidCards

    Antitwat im not hating i just think they should make it gnarlier.

  8. Anti Troll

    Your comment is valid when you come ride it on your bmx.

  9. Troll

    Even Anneke Beerten has said its like a BMX track! Your comment is valid when you match her standards!!!

  10. Anti Troll

    Typical Troll haha!

  11. Anti Typical Troll

    I’d ride that no problem on my BMX. My BMX with a couple of inches of front suspension and knobbly tyres and a few gears that are on their for some reason, people tell me is not a BMX but I don’t believe them and people tell me it’s not a BMX track I keep riding on every couple of weeks but I don’t believe them. People say it’s not BMX that’s mountain biking that is with real mountain biker-types, but I say well what about the doubles and total lack of steepness on a flat boring track ridden by BMX-er-types, but they say no no, thats mountain biking that is, thats not BMX. But I don’t believe them. Where are the mountains?


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