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Leogang World Cup 4x track news

Leogang World Cup 4x track news

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Guido Tschugg has been put in charge of the World Cup 4x track at Leogang. It sounds like he’s built something steeper and more technical than we’ve seen recently on the WC series.

Leogang, Austria, May 4th – Leogang was recently announced as the new Austrian tour stop of UCI Mountain Bike World Cup series. The preparations in the small town located nearby Salzburg began immediately to make the long weekend from 18th to 20th of June a very special highlight of the international mountain bike scene. Well-known and experienced World Cup racer Guido Tschugg was assigned to design and built the official 4X track. After only two weeks of design and construction work, the track is almost finished.


Ghost team rider and long term UCI 4X World Cup racer Guido Tschugg explains the concept and details: “The track is about 450 meters long and is packed with great features: A very steep start section is followed by a drop, a huge sized berm and a pro section with two big doubles. A long rock garden can be used as second line instead of the doubles. Coming next is a special I really like: A bridge over the official UCI downhill track. This wooden bridge is a big sized step up step down combination on the right side, but also includes a banked version on the left for the regular bike park visitor. The last part of the track features a triple, which also can be ridden as a double and step down jump, as well as a long turn on a grass section. To make it short: the whole track is technically pretty challenging and different to the regular BMX-style 4X tracks we are used to see on UCI races. The very steep start section will also allow riders with full suspension bikes to have a fast start. These might even have advantages over 10-kilos hardtail riders that could get a flat tire much easier in the rough rock gardens. I am curious what the other UCI World Cup racers will say. The whole track is not static for the next three years and World Cup tour stops. Leogang and myself will continually work on it to make it perfect. But due to my long-term experience as a World Cup rider, I am a hundred percent positive that the 4X track in Leogang fits the high standards of the UCI in a very good way. I am pretty happy to have a great training track, not too far away from home in the near future. You will see me very often riding in the Bikepark Leogang in the next years.”

The main structure of the track is almost finished. The next two weeks will need a lot of work on compressing the ground and finishing the surface. After that, Guido will give the track numerous test rides to start the last and final improvements, if necessary. Soon the Bikepark Leogang will have a new world-class highlight available for all his visitors.

More Details about the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup can be found on: www.mtb-weltcup.at

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  1. oobitrams

    how will this course work with kenda tires? i’d like to visit and ride it if you guys think my tires are good enough.

  2. Joe

    That sounds fair rad…

  3. Christiaan

    Should make for interesting racing, wonder if there will be anyone of the men on a FS bike, as almost everybody is on a HT the last few years

  4. Pat

    I’m sure they will try and use small FS Bikes, or SS Style bikes…I would anyway.
    Is Guido going to ride the UCI 4X?

    By the way: Kenda tires suck

  5. chaz


  6. ddmonkey

    This sounds good to me, steep start should mean its less about the snap and rougher stuff means it will be more of a mountain bike race than a BMX race. Worth a try to make it less like BMX. I’m all for steeper tracks to make it less about power and more about skills. Reckon Graves will still win though as he has got it all, but this could suit Dan Atheron a lot..

  7. SeB

    All good. But where is the Parkin edit from Houffa 4X?

  8. billy

    Up now SeB, they got waffle poisoning so were delayed a bit.

  9. Si

    Sounds good. Anyone know what the DH track is going to be like?

  10. Brownie

    Any good pic of this track sounds pretty savage

  11. Farmer

    No disprespect to Guido, but I think Gravesy should be put in charge of making a track. If he’s the best, he’s going to want a track that will challenge him. If it challenges him, it’s going to be mayhem for everyone else!

  12. Max Robinson

    if graves is put in charge of track making he will make a flat massive first straight so he can power away!

  13. Stu

    Whats up with Phil? Has he died? why is he not building the tracks or is he just taking a breather….

  14. MTB777

    Read something the other day that he (PS) was not allowed to do changes to the Houffa track and that a lot of folks were at upset how small that track is and how it was not up to UCI 4X standards. Not his doings. This new more tech track sounds good and throwing in some change will shake things up a little bit as long as it just doesn’t suck.


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