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Leogang World Champs Timed Session Results: Hannah, Ragot, Bruni, Feniak fastest!

Leogang World Champs Timed Session Results: Hannah, Ragot, Bruni, Feniak fastest!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

It’s timed session day at Leogang today. Mick Hannah, Emmeline Ragot, Holly Feniak and Loic Bruni are top of the seeding pops!

Blimey how exciting was that!!!

Mick Hannah was on fire!

Manon in 3rd! T Mo 7th!
Rachel Atherton rolled out of the start hut,nursing an injured back, hopefully it’ll be good for tomorrow.

Tahnee Seagrave 2nd.

Fraser McGlone in 3rd and the only junior to send both wooden booters just because he can!

Dhi Ts Me Results

Dhi Ts We Results

Dhi Ts Mj Results

  1. billy

    Woot woot! Can’t wait for tomorrow! Remember folks you can watch it all LIVE here http://live.mpora.com/uci-world-championships-leogang-downhill-finals-women-and-men-elite

  2. Mark

    Does this determine the order they’ll come down tomorrow?

  3. mongo

    Do you know are they only showing the top 30 mens riders or are they going to show the whole thing?
    Just in case I wake up late!

  4. Big Dawg

    Will there be a replay up straight afterwards as usual? I’m going to watch the Spa GP live and worlds after. Thanks.

  5. craig

    Yeh any news on what the replay with be.? just top 30 men as usual or all.? wouldnt mind seeing the juniors

  6. billy

    Soz, haven’t a clue about the Live feed and if they’ll show everybody or just highlights. Hoping Red Bull will let us have the replay straight away.

  7. dirt dodger

    Them there results would suit my fantasy team nicely!! much rather Gee banger be the number 1 instead of Hannah though.

  8. Sulley

    Facking typical, with Tracy Hannah injured i decide to bring in one of the french girls after googling for ages to see who made the team and getting nothing back i took the punt on Myriam…
    She didn’t make the team…. BALLIX… :(

  9. Joe

    Top 7 all from different countries!


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