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Leogang To Replace Schladming World Cup

Leogang To Replace Schladming World Cup

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

News just in from the UCI.

Schladming was one of the best tracks in my opinion, anyone know anything about the Leogang track?

We just found out that Schladming was awarded the 2013 Ski World Championships in 2008! Work that one out!


Originally scheduled to take place in Schladming, Austria, the sixth round of the 2010 UCI Mountain Bike World… Cup will now take place in another Austrian resort, Leogang (Salzburger Land). The date, (June 19th and 20th) remains unchanged.

Schladming has been on the World Cup calendar since 2004 and has already been voted best event of the series, thanks in particular to its downhill track which is especially appreciated by specialists of the discipline. However, as the popular resort has been awarded the 2013 Ski World Championships, it is currently undergoing important works and transformations which make it impossible to stage the mountain bike event.

The International Cycling Union (UCI) is pleased to announce that another venue will replace Schladming. Leogang has agreed to organise the sixth round of the World Cup, a double event featuring the downhill and four-cross disciplines. The change will allow Leogang, which already has an event registered on the UCI international calendar the following weekend (June 26th and 27th), to provide a veritable mountain bike festival for fans of the sport. The UCI is delighted to have found an excellent alternative on the same date as Schladming, which minimises the implications for the riders, teams and media.

The 2010 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup comprises nine events starting with an Olympic cross-country event in Yorkshire Dalby Forest (GBR) on April 24th and 25th, and finishing with a triple event in Windham (USA) on August 28th and 29th.

More ample information about the Leogang site will soon be available on the Mountain Bike World Cup page of the UCI website.

Looks like Leogang has some good tracks, bring on the rain, they could even send it over the Freeride course at the bottom too?

  1. stooky

    It’s all about Schladming but it has been raced alot and everyone knows it, possibly a good thing? However a change is good.

    Is it wrong to say this could also apply to Fort bill? where else could you hold a wc in the uk though??

  2. oknid

    yeah, i agree, but nevertheless the racing has always been at least great in schladming…
    sad to see it go (for this season only? unless they ban bikes until after the ski wc in 2013) and looking forward to some loose action at leogang…

  3. DIRT Editor

    I can’t believe that this has happened really. Schladming have known that they are going to be holding the 2013 World Ski Champs since June 2008! How come it was taken so long to cancel? Talk about leaving it to the last minute. Who is at fault here? The organisers, the local tourist board, the people who own the mountain, local council, the UCI??? Who?

  4. Someguy


    Llangollan man, it’s hella tech and steep which means so much more fun to ride.

  5. Rich

    would have been cool to see pila back in the wc schedule

  6. .

    the Windham round is still on by the sound of it. how many new tracks will there be this season?

  7. willysnow

    i thought for skiing you just needed snow, and i dont think it takes three years to do that…

  8. To

    :( Hope they will build a new track in Leogang for the WC. The old DH track is one of the shittiest in existence.

  9. Ask frank

    Llangollan would be near impossible for decent tv coverage though

  10. Big_Tim

    Having family that until a couple months ago lived in Schladming they got all the local gossip. I know that Schaldming are spending a fortune on making themselves one of the premier ski resorts in Austria and that helped to help win the bid to host the Ski WC. They have been putting in new gondolas/chair lifts each summer for the past few years and installing pipes to provide the water for the snow blowers (needed since it’s a comparitavely low level resort) and building new runs and a super awesome board park!! The ski business for them is where their main income comes from, so I guess they have no problem bumping 1 weekend of mtb racing (the town is like a ghost town during most of the summer compared to winter crowds!) to get the most out of the ski season.
    In addition Leogang has awesome tracks, and the DH track is really very similar to the Mighty’Ming!!

  11. intense951

    Isnt loegang the track where it was like a (2004 or 2005 wc)big boys bmx track with some rocks thrown in for some spice? If it wasnt there where was that track?

  12. intense951

    Also – everybody knows that Scladming is Sams track anyway.

  13. Marshy
  14. enri

    i guess,intense 951,you mean willingen..

  15. SA Springbok

    Sam Hill has to be a little disappointed with that decision…

  16. Fresh

    leogang is no a shit track. it has some good steep an tech sections. but i have to agree with To that they have to do something to make the overall track WC worthy. maybe they will just run part of the WC track down the ski slope as they did for a race a couple years ago. we will see.

    egoistically thought this is actually great, especially since the race is so early this year. it will probably bring major improvements to the leogang bike park. saxena will for sure build a decent 4X track (since the old one is not exactly great) and as already said i bet there will be an overhaul for the DH track too.

    as far as i know schladming is replacing the “old” cable car, so there will be none over the whole summer. so i’m hoping i can spend my weekends at an improved leogang bike park while schladming is closed down.

    BTW: check this for some impressions of the leogang DH track

  17. schnitzer

    why not in kaprun?

  18. dean stewart

    is that Mark Scott 1:30?

  19. Fresh

    why not kaprun? because there is no track there anymore.
    they never had a permanent track and the one they had for the WCs always led through countless properies that are usually speperated by fences to keep the cattle in. would be nearly impossible to set up a race there in such a short period of time.

    would be awesome to see another race there, though.

  20. edd

    I’m happy, as mint as shladders is to ride i’m bored of watching it, leogangbang from the footage i’ve seen has loads of good stuff and potential to build some tidy steep tech tracks.
    good to see the wc going to different resorts

  21. leo

    we are heading out there in august and was going to spend some time at schladming to, will schladming’s d/h track be closed to the public as well around that time

  22. Alex

    It can only be a good thing as far as Steve Peat winning the overall.

  23. Joe

    I don’t actually know what SCHLADMING is like but Ive been to leogang and i loved it, its got a nice flowy track with so nice rock gardens,root sections and that kinda stiff, it is quite a fast track, and it has sum nice drops and north shore and stuff like that

  24. Fresh

    @leo: the lower half of the track (i.e. the WC part) will be open and is reachable with an alternative gondola (golden jet gondola). but that gondola doesn’t start right at the finish of the track so you will have to ride there after every run. i don’t exactly know how far away it is but maybe you can check it out on google maps or something. but it’s definitely reachable by bike.
    and i guess the finishing area itself will be a huge construction site and therefor be closed too.

  25. Leigh

    When I was in Leogang in ’06 it was pretty good, steep as and very rooty. Should be a decent replacement if they get it all sorted in time.

  26. chris

    shalddelaming ing was getting a bit yawn!

  27. Norbert

    Seriously – leogang not bad? It has its moments with the steep last part but the parts of the dh track that go pararell to the fr track are as shit as it gets. Hope the wc event will force them to change it a bit as then maybe I’d have a reason to visit with the local dirt jump crew. Old track is nothing compared to schladming.

    Chris – visit schlad and than call it boring 😉

  28. Joe

    Bollocks, that makes Sam Hill less of a dead cert in my fantasy DH team.

  29. Norbert

    Joe – it’s still a techy season and if they make a new trail in leo it may be really challenging.

  30. Paul

    The Leogang track is never gonna live up to The Schladminger, if they keep it as the currently used IXS track. It is quite different. A lot more rooty steepness though, and the flowy freeridey stuff is way more mellow. But it is a steep mountain, about as steep as Schladming. If they change it up a bit, point more downwards where now there are flat sections and keep the good bits, which are really good, Austria could be in for another legend of a track. People with Sam in their team need not fret too much. If they alter the track as I would, it would be a Sam Hill DH for sure. But he ain’t got a place in my team. Greg is gonna DOMINATE. Mr consistency is not gonna let him get away with that two years in a row.

  31. tim

    @ Fresh…

    The trail in Kaprun still exists.
    Just have a look on http://www.gravitibikehire.com/page16.htm

    We are riding the “Old Worldcuptrail” since 2 years know. Always perfect conditions, even after 4 weeks of rain in May.

    All downill and freeride bikers, come have a look.

    cya in Kaprun


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