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Leogang 4x track photos

Leogang 4x track photos

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Riders get the first chance to test the Leogang 4x track at 16.45 local time this afternoon.

A steep start straight drops you into a high banked first corner, second straight rollers lead into the second corner where the track splits. Drop really low and I mean really low to hit the pro “Joker” line or keep it high for the non-pro line which takes in an extra rock garden, flags haven’t been placed yet so it’s hard to see the definate lines.
Third corner takes you onto the longest 4x straight I’ve ever seen, half way down which is a bridge with a big line and a small line onto it. The straight ends with a couple of moguls which leads you into a right hander then it’s a sprint to the line.

Will we have good racing on this track? We’ll have to see how the flags are placed and pray that the Austrian sun keeps drying the track out.

  1. james

    so, at Maribor, they took out the last big double, because it was too hard and 4X has to be easy, and if only 2 or 3 people can hit a line then it isn’t fair on the other riders, at fort william they took out the rock garden, they claimed it was so they could have more corners, but again really it was because god forbit a 4X track could have something hard and challanging in… is there anything on this track that is challanging that maybe only dam atherton, cedric, and graves can hit? which obviously is unfair, so they will take it out after practice.

  2. Christiaan

    Looks like the will need to jump onto the wooden bridge?

  3. Jamie

    Looks like a track that will suit Graves and the other bmx riders; with long flowing straights to get power down.

  4. Henry

    I was wondering what happened to the rock garden at Fort Bill.
    Was looking forward to seeing that in the final.
    I’m hoping Affy or Cedric might clear the bridge instead of jump on/off.

  5. Jason@Dirt

    @James and Henry
    I chatted to a couple of the 4X boys at Fort Bill and they were saying that one of the main reasons for the course change was actually because there was only 1 real line through the rock garden and that riders were more willing to follow each other than risk another line. This was likely to ruin the racing so they changed it.
    You could, of course, still argue that this is still down to skill and that they should have just manned up but at the end of the day the organisers have to think about the spectators – no-one wants to see a procession…

  6. Henry

    Thanks for clearing that up Jason.
    I do like to see more challenging features like that on the world cup 4X tracks.
    I remember A track a year or two ago (cant remember the name) which had a massive rock garden near the start leading to many crashes.
    Not ideal for the racers but arguably more exciting for the spectators and requiring more technical riding skill.
    However I can definitely see why they removed the one at Fort William if it only had one line.
    I hope that next year the tracks feature a few more of these types of features and with more lines and opportunities for overtaking.

  7. Jim

    Anything that means their is one line will always create crap racing for spectators and riders. Hence, the rock line was removed. It was pretty pants. As soon as people go down to one line, if you try to pass, you have to pull so much on the guy in front in order to get past, which unless they make a mistake is pretty damn hard as they are the worlds best!

    More corners for passing, and more obstacles that mean riders have to use their brakes so there is chance to late brake etc. I get fed up of getting snapped then following the procession of riders in front braking with no chance to pass..

  8. Richard park

    In Fort Bill they swept the 4X track for 2 days!! Then race day at breaks the marshalls were told to remove any loose rocks lying around- might as well make it BMX! Pants!!
    4X will die if this continues :(

  9. ronin

    I say if you’re gonna tame the “obstacles” then open up the tracks’ passing lanes, keep the surface really rough and then put more riders on the gate (+2). Call it Mountaincross just like the xgames did. if you can’t run a race bar to bar on bikes in the dirt it looks like a realy bad boring short track xc race.

  10. Phil S

    Too early to say how it will race – it could be really good. Some top riders have been asking for super long straights so this will be a good chance to see how it works. Guido is a good track builder so I’m sure it will work out. Always good to see a new track in my opinion.

    For the record, Windham and MSA 4X tracks are NOT getting tamed at all. Plans for Windham include 13 corners, loads of natural rock outcrop, and if build time allows, a second “pro” jump line with the 60 footer Jared Graves asked for earlier in the season. Will give an update in a couple of weeks once work has progressed.

  11. Morgan

    The problem with leaving tracks loose is that it limits the number of “secure” lines. If the inside of a corner is blown out then there generally ends up being just one fast hardpack line around the top/through the middle which everyone rides in prossesion. Riders at this level can’t risk getting too in the loose, especially if it means unclipping, as they can’t apply the power after they’ve made a move. That’s why the tarmac berms of BMX see riders all over them and still carrying speed. Keep the loose stuff to the straights.
    The top of this track looks good, with short straights to limit the sprinters, and slow corners to bunch up the riders. Lane 1+2 look like you’ll have to be on the brakes too much for that sharp corner, whereas 3+4 should allow more speed to be carried into the next straight, meaning it’s ideal for overtaking (or so that’s how it appears). It looks like the action will be in the first few short straights, and then a prossesion once on the main long straight

  12. Messy

    Love the two lines! So, when racing is the track gonna split right into two lanes… one with smaller jumps, and one with those monsterous booters. Think if riders had the choice It could lead to some risk-taking on the big jumps to try and pass…

  13. jg

    Track is legit, Guido has done a good job, there are some big lines to be hit that is seperating the men from the boys for sure. Some tweaks need to be made for racing, it is a very new track and probably needed more testing and time to pack in, but lack of big stuff to hit is not an issue here.

  14. seb

    Yeah looks like a step up step down line on the bridge. A bit like the line they had at the Supercross in Madrid. From the angles of the photos, although it always a bit tricky to tell, but the step up onto the bridge looks pretty big. Can’t really see the step down… Track looks pretty sweet otherwise. Can’t wait to see the racing espacially the first straight.


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