Leogang 4x track photos

Riders get the first chance to test the Leogang 4x track at 16.45 local time this afternoon.

A steep start straight drops you into a high banked first corner, second straight rollers lead into the second corner where the track splits. Drop really low and I mean really low to hit the pro “Joker” line or keep it high for the non-pro line which takes in an extra rock garden, flags haven’t been placed yet so it’s hard to see the definate lines.
Third corner takes you onto the longest 4x straight I’ve ever seen, half way down which is a bridge with a big line and a small line onto it. The straight ends with a couple of moguls which leads you into a right hander then it’s a sprint to the line.

Will we have good racing on this track? We’ll have to see how the flags are placed and pray that the Austrian sun keeps drying the track out.