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We have just had this super-hot news in that the one and only Leigh Donovan is going to return to World Cup racing…

This may come as a shock to some, but our source let us know that Leigh will be riding “a couple of World Cups and maybe Worlds (champs)”. She retired from World Cup racing quite and few years back, concentrating on a new business venture (Tangerine, a clothing boutique) and starting a family…but it seems that racing is in her blood and that she just can’t stay away.

For those of you out that there that are a little unsure of who Leigh Donovan is, let me fill you in. She was around during the heyday of downhill racing, regularly battling it out against the likes of Anne Caroline Chausson and Missy Giove. And she was fast…super fast: 1995 World Champion, 2001 World Cup Champion and 9 x U.S. National Champion…none to shabby. At 38 years old she is still going to be a force to be reckoned with…and we can’t wait.



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  1. Sh!tBear

    Flat out, Foot down.

  2. Aaron

    Only leigh d could make pink and orange look good…

  3. No21

    It’s definately a better decision than getting into drug dealing (Giove).

    Be great if Chausson came out of retirement as well, although I’m not sure if the rest of the ‘modern’ girls would appreciate that so much…

  4. Tom

    Bloody love that first photo, awesome shot!!

  5. Jase

    Butt ugly, butch, carpet muncher she isn’t! Klass news!

  6. ddmonkey

    I hope she looks where she’s going in rock gardens at the WCs…

  7. tomo

    intense bikes seem to be sponsoring all the oldies that are dabbling in the world cups, like this women and the legend that is shaun palmer.

  8. Crank-A-lackin

    hey tomo
    that’s cause the intense bikes crack and break. the oldies don’t ride like us in our late teens.

  9. Gaz

    Hey Crank-a-lackin, i no ur being sarcastic but i’d like 2 c u qualify 4 a world cup now in ur late teens nevermind when ur forty and av only been back riding downhill for a month like napalm!! The guys a legend, Leigh is a legend and i’m looking 4ward 2 seeing her kick some ass!!!

  10. Mint

    Crack a lakin,u got powned there!haha
    anyways rachels got another obstacle Čome NeXT year

  11. Phil Le Maistre

    Leigh was so cool to me and my buddy at the Bromont World Cup in 1998. I asked her for her autograph, and she cut the race plate off her bike, signed it and gave it to me. I’ve still got it. Might get her to sign it again at Worlds next year…

  12. decliner

    really? who cares. thanks for the useless shot mr. leigh donovan.

  13. Ollie

    FYI, AC Chausson hasn’t really retired, she still races quite a lot actually, but no longer in downhill. She does how ever thrash the opposition in French enduro races (Maxi, Mega and Enduro Series..) often ranking in the top 40 overall with more than 200 blokes eating her dust! Long Live ACC !!!

  14. Steve

    951 Mo-foo!. Or is that a slopestyle? Whatever, its looking good. Nice to see maybe a change to the old 1,2,3 podiums in the female races?

  15. tomo

    haha totally agree crack a lackin.

  16. Stikman

    Steve, its a slopestyle-II. I think that is the original prototype, she just borrowed it from Intense to ride this past weekend. Leigh is working on getting her own rigs.

    As for the ‘decline’ hater, ya, you are welcome for the turd of a shot.

    Ollie, ACC is bad ass, best ever.

  17. tetley

    leigh and palmer were both on intense back in the day

  18. Stuart

    Having been in this game longer than a lot of todays riders I remember Napalm removing the Fox logos from his race top and styling up a pair of jeans when he fell out with his sponsor, i remember The Leigh Donovan and Stikman (Mechanic) days, Missy with her dreads showing the boys how to grow some, and ACC and Nico making their respective fields weep by winning EVERYTHING in sight. For anyone that downs the lost generations please see Mr Steve Peat for a perfect example why they should be coming back! 15 Years, a record number of wins, and still winning the World Champs this year. And if anyone can fix Warner enough to ride, and resurect the late JMC i reckon they’d be having it on the tracks too! Great to see them all coming home!

  19. chipps

    don’t know if she will be winning much, btu cool news eh, always fun to have leigh d around. fair nuff


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