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Legend Martyn Ashton is set for a new trial

Legend Martyn Ashton is set for a new trial


Thumbs up from two legends, Ashton and Hawyes.

It’s never easy to write about a serious injury but this one is especially tough as Martyn Ashton is a rider that has been inspiring riders for what seems like forever.

During a demo at the Moto GP on the 1st of September Martyn fell backwards from a 3m high bar landing with “significant force” on his back. After being stabilised he was airlifted to Coventry Hospital where it was discovered he suffered severe damage to his spinal cord and dislocated his T9 and T10 vertabrae.

The initial prognosis isn’t good as Martyn has currently lost feeling below the point of injury. Having been transferred to RJ & AH Hospital, Oswestry’s Specialist Spinal Care Unit he is receiving the best possible care.

Ashton’s long standing riding partner from Tricks and Stunts and Chainspotting Martin Hawyes has been with Martyn through this tough start to a long road of recovery. Martyn thanked everyone for the support he has received so far:

Since the accident I’ve received so many wonderful messages and well wishes, I can’t thank everyone enough for those – it has been hugely supportive. I’m also incredibly lucky to have amazing family and friends, who are all rallying around myself, Lisa and Alfie and helping us through this tough time. As a result I’m feeling very positive and ready to face the tough challenge ahead. I’m just taking it day by day, hoping that I can make enough progress over the next three months to be home for Christmas.

Martyn was almost finished shooting the sequel to his hugely successful Road Bike Party video, we’ve heard on the grapevine that he is already working in ways to finish the edit so watch this space.

Everyone here at Dirt wishes Martyn the best recovery possible and we’re looking forward to what he has up his sleeve for Road Bike Party 2. For now lets have a look at the first and most creative road bike video we have ever seen.

  1. Part+time

    Always felt priveliged to see Martyn ride in and around Newbury town centre back in the 90’s, outside of the demo’s and what have you. A true ambassador for all of cycling, hoping your back on two wheels soon.

  2. Tinks

    Such a shame to hear about this. I’ve been watching Martyn ride with amazement since I was a kid. He was the first trials rider I ever saw, hope he recovers soon and stays strong

  3. Lewis Ahmet

    Sending big healing vibes, your a legend and pioneer in mountain biking. seeing you pedal grind down a rail blew my mind. Wishing you a steady and successful recovery. Big ups.

  4. Paul Meheux

    Sad to hear, saw you ride at the cycle show earlier this year, amazing! If it helps i have fully recovered from crushing one of my vertebrae in a skiing accident 5 years ago. Just keep positive and good luck

  5. Seb

    That’s awful news, truly gutted for him. As someone who’s recently fractured vertebrae but got away without the paralysis this just hits home how lucky I’ve been. I wish Martyn all the best, he’s such a key part of the UK biking scene, and has been for so long. Wishing you a full recovery Martyn.

  6. Scott

    Absolutely sickening, as the comments above have said. Thoroughly enjoyed watching Martyn ride throughout the years.All the best, get well soon.

  7. Tom de Bruin

    Best of luck Martyn – you’ve been an inspiration to many for years, long may it continue.

  8. Chris

    My son broke his 4th vertebrae skiing in February, through lots of hard work and keeping a really positive attitude he is not only walking again but heading back skiing in November, keep you thoughts positive Martyn, you have insured me for years and I look forward to seeing you back on a bike

  9. thebicycledoc

    Sending you best wishes from South Wales! Love watching you ride and videos you put out there!! Get well soon! all the best!

  10. Mr_Boo

    Holy shit, that’s not good news. Wishing Martyn a full recovery. This guy is an absolute legend.

  11. Mike

    So sorry to hear about this, I remember seeing him do a demo when I was no older than 13 years old. BIIIG part of the british cycling scene. All the best big fella

  12. luke

    Really sorry to hear about this Martyn. I’ve enjoyed watching and reading about you ride since I was a kid.

    All the very best, and wishing you the well. Hopefully you’ll be back in the saddle some day soon.

  13. Dave

    Shit! So sorry to hear this, always were an inspiration since first seeing you back in the 90’s when I started riding. Healing vibes from all of us.

  14. Mutly

    Martyn, I hope you see all these good wishes. It was inspiring to see you at BikeRadarLive 2010. Healing vibes – hope you come over, in fine fettle, to film again on the Isle of Wight sometime soon.

  15. TwistBikes

    Get well soon Martyn. You inspired a whole generation of biking, and I hope to see you back in the saddle again!

  16. Adam John Gray

    So sad to hear about this happening to a guy who has inspired generation after generation of kids to pick up a bike and go enjoy themselves. Sending out healing vibes to you Martyn, hope to see you back in the saddle soon.

  17. Billywhizz

    If he could do that on a road bike im certain his recovery will be easy peasy ;-D all the best Martyn

  18. Chris Kimberley

    All the best martyn, as a grom reading MBUK you were an inspiration all the best and wish you a speedy recovery

  19. Ben Williams

    Best wishes Martyn, will always be in awe of what you do.

  20. Dylan Clayton

    Just to let you know the Clayton’s are thinking of you. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Dylan x.

  21. Carl Potts

    This is major , healing vibes seen Martin a number of times and watched his videos an DVDs one of the real nice guys. Stay strong

  22. Jon C

    Good luck man! That is really sad news… stay positive and massive best wishes for getting pedals again!

  23. danny

    all the best for future hope you get well asap

  24. cristian

    Martyn, what a legend, biggest & bestest of luck dude. Good memories of fixing your Cannondales (mostly fitting shiney new magura brakes for mbuk photoshoots!) back in Newbury. You started a trails revolution in the town, and sometimes hid in our workshop! best regards from the 90’s cycleshop newbury crew.

  25. jay

    Such sad news, I followed martyn through pads of shows even hot lucky enough to help out one show and was amazing to help and watch. He inspired me to start trials and I hope everything gets better. Legend is the first word that comes to mind when martyn is mentioned. Get better soon martyn

  26. Stubob

    Very sad to read this. Hope you heal up soon. Massive influence on so many riders. Met martyn about 17 years ago and still to this day one of the most down to earth just lives riding bikes people I’ve ever met. Get well soon dude.

  27. scott

    Best wishes in your healing Matryn. Remember first watching tricks and stunts and Bi-king vidoes and being inspired to get out and ride trials. Get well soon!

  28. Paddler Ed

    I remember meeting Martyn when he rode for Volvo-Cannondale in the 90’s at various BTCC events. Absolutely top bloke, and a shock to hear that it’s happened.

    Really down to earth, but also so keen to meet new people and see new things (I remember taking him into the pits at BTCC)

    Good luck with a speedy recovery,

    Now in Australia

  29. Rich

    A true legend of the sport. A real inspiration to so many riders in the MBUK Chainspotting days. Hopefully now these messages of support can help inspire you. Get well soon.

  30. Charlotte

    the bravest man ever! what an inspiration and hoping that he makes a fast recovery and gets back to what he clearly loves!

  31. Tom

    Truly, horrible news, all the best to Martyn, I’m sure he will find a way to amaze us whatever his circumstances.

    Glad he’s got loving family and friends to help him get back to sending crazy stuff :)!

    Remember meeting him at a BTCC event in the 90’s and going straight home a learning to bunnyhop!

    The road bike video is INSANE, your legacy is incredible and inspiring and will continue to grow.

  32. Adrian Kent

    Hope you get well soon, a true inspiration to all that have witnessed what you can do on a bike.

  33. dan patterson

    Get well Martyn, literally can’t send enough well wishes to you. you got me into trials at a time when no one else seemed to do it anywhere near me down in bridport dorset. YOUR FRICKIN AWESOME.. if i have to threaten the most rediculously well trained spinal surgeon, with a crank and a shark bite attached to the other end. so that you get fixed up, i’ll bloody do it!!! lol
    all the best, really hope you get well asap.

  34. Julian

    Wishing Martin all the best and a speedy recovery.i was lucky to meet him a few years ago at a show ((NEC) real nice chap all the best !kulian

  35. James Williamson

    Hope all is well, thoughts are with you.

  36. Dotty

    Get well soon Martyn thoughts are with you …

  37. alex

    Such an inspiration to thousands of bike riders, legend. healing vibes make a full recovery and work your bike magic again

  38. Bobby-TheDMAN

    I’ve been a huge fan of your riding, ever since Dirty Tricks and Cunning Stunts one an two.Most of all, your kick ass personality.You will ride again man!!


  39. Steve

    Martyn – you have been an inspiration to me…a constant reminder that the impossible is possible. If there was anyone that could overcome a challenge, it is you and I look forward to hearing you are home for Christmas. God bless you and your family. My families thoughts, well wishes, and prayers are with you.

  40. Nick Cooke

    I wish you a speedy recovery as i know you’ll be riding again. You are a child hood hero to us.


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