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Lapierre DH 920 Teaser

Lapierre DH 920 Teaser

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The new Lapierre bike with it’s Pendbox floating bottom bracket and Vouilloz input has been all over the internet in the last few weeks since it’s appearance at the Leogang World Cup.

Dirt Magazine’s Steve Jones has just been out at the Lapierre press camp in Chatel, France and will be doing a full bike test on the DH 920 in the next issue.

In the meantime here’s a quick word from Jones:

With classic French unpredictability and style Lapierre bikes not only out-of-the-blue unveiled their new flagship downhill bike at Leogang World Cup but backed it up a week later by presenting the bike for press appraisal. The Dijon based company were never in any doubt about this one.


Yet it has been in development for two years now. Not even Lapierre know how this bike has totally avoided any previous sightings having been put through its paces by the greatest of all racers, Nicolas Vouilloz just over the border from his southern France home. As Blenkinsop nursed a broken wrist, Nico was caning the shit out of this very unique piece of engineering, one that will surely have many trying to work the theory out.


On the gas-Vouilloz never travels without a cylinder of nitrogen. Back during his World Cup racing days he even carried a damper dyno to each race. Different level.

Don’t bother trying to work the theory out. It’s a winner. Fast and beautifully balanced it is a big improvement on the previous bike in terms of suspension performance and now offers better angles and improved sizing for taller riders. Yes Lapierre could still do with another size in the mix to give it the small/medium/large option but for now lets just wait for the price and the availability because this one is going to move for sure.


Having stepped up frame design and presentation a few years ago they now seem to have upped the suspension too. Hotlines should get these bikes in around November, and with those fine lines, light weight, internal cable routing and sure footed speed across the ground it will most certainly be up there in this years top five off the peg production full builds. Just how far up that list though? Keep an eye on the magazine for a full review.


Full story coming soon in Dirt Magazine.

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  1. booboy

    its fun to see new stuff, but really – seven pairs of bearings to allow a 5mm front shift of bb under full compression, makes no sense to me, would this not increase pedal feedback? my head hurts

  2. Aaron

    It’s actually a pretty novel idea. With a simple single pivot the axle path, leverage ratio, and chain tension are all tied together. Designers used single pivot with linkage to decouple the leverage ratio from the axle path. And now Lapierre has used this BB linkage to decouple the chain tension from the axle path – meaning all suspension design elements have been decoupled and can be tuned independently. This is the first bike to ever do this.

    Yeah, there is probably chain stretch and pedal feedback, but this thing probably pedals like a champ with the way the BB works. The top guys all have to put the power down to win races these days.

  3. Danieldh

    Regardless the rear suspension system I think the old one is way cooler. Innovation or new stuff are not always the best ones. This is a good sample to me!

  4. Dan B

    still dont like it, must ride well though

  5. Dibz

    I like it! Defo looks slacker than previous 920. I have the 720 and that rides awesome so if this is even better then its a winner for me!

  6. ronin

    is there a Nico NOS button on it?

  7. kevin

    yeah that bike looks pretty good yeah pretty sweet. but i think it looks a bit nicer considering its 5 feet away from here. pretty nice in the flesh yeah pretty light yeah yeah pretty damn sweet yeah pretty good yeah its pretty nice yeah…. yeah morzine is sick right now!

  8. Luc "Acadian" Albert

    and Hutchinson Cougar tyers? prototypes as well?

  9. funpolice

    Nico looked like he farted in that photo.

  10. pascal

    it is slacker. the actual dh comes with 65° headangle
    the prototype has a 63-64°.

    i hope we’ll get some information about the wheelbase and chainstay as well.

  11. yann

    funpolice > he did 😀

  12. macybrok

    orange county chopper

  13. nismo

    just returned from morzine, saw these being ridden around on the chavannes.
    saw blinky on his laptop outside some random shop.


  14. Ed

    Ah so that’s what it is. Seen one around Morzine this afternoon. Any riders have them aside from Nico and Blenky?

  15. lurker

    what the hell is that a 12″ travel 40? What idiot set that up like that?


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