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Lapierre Announce 2013 World Cup Team

13:26 6th November 2012 by Billy Thackray

Emmeline Ragot joins Sam Blenkinsop and Loic Bruni on the Lapierre International Team!

They are also joined by junior rider Loris Vergier. (What’s this about a “proper Junior World Cup circuit”?!)

Lapierre announced sponsor change too, out go Fox and in come SRAM.

So where does that leave Cam Cole? Does the latest Team Rumours hint at a possible move to Yeti?

And who will fill the Mondraker spot left by Ragot?

  1. "big" john

    so the sultan of bruni isn’t moving then…

    1. Eoin

      He probably took the budget left over from Cam Coles departure! That Vergier kid is a beast, please put him on the fantasy team listings! The biggest news here is that they have completely dropped their XC team. Are people only buying DH and enduro bikes these days? Dont blame them…

  2. Fanboy

    It says “Proper JUNIOR World Cup circuit”! Which I think is good news, as they struggle to qualify as it stands now, which leads to few teams fielding them. If the juniors gets a separate category, I predict lots of action there. :)

    1. billy

      Soz, fat finger typo, meant JUNIOR. A separate category could be good, but I do like watching when the fast young guns mix it up with the top Elites.

      1. Fanboy

        Fore sure I agree, watching Bruni and Brosnan get on the elite grown-ups podium was a real treat. Maybe they could have a qualifying rule of letting 10-20 juniors race together with 70-80 seniors, keeping both sides happy?

        Brosnans WC-run i Champery last year was really, really good. Stacking that one next to Hart’s amazing run would have been really, really inspiring.

  3. Fanboy

    Oh, and great news in that a top team signs a girl. I hope more of them follow. DGR and Specialized, take note. And someone please sign Morgan Charre!

  4. Ian

    Whats happening to Patrick Thome? that kid did well last year!

    1. billy

      Ah, well spotted, forgot about the Thomester!

      1. Fanboy

        Hang on, Thome was on Mondraker, no? Not Lapierre.

  5. Paco Loco

    I bet Thome goes to Trek…

  6. oldguy

    Pretty sure the top five 2012 Juniors have option to race for Elite or Junior title but must elect which one before season starts

  7. Aston

    Interesting to see that Trek and Lapierre are both dropping their XC teams? Is XC really dead now? Enduro taking over?

  8. dave

    xc is road biking on a gravel path by fit people(who may or may not be on drugs).

    1. Willy

      Not really that simplistic…….try it once, you’ll see


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