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La Bresse Timed Training Results

La Bresse Timed Training Results

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Gee Atherton and Floriane Pugin set the pace in timed training at La Bresse.

Gee Man put in a 2:06.935, Marcelo Gutierrez making up for the absent Gracia by pinning it 2:08.192 and Greg Minnaar 2:08.773.

Floriane Pugin 2:35.667, Sabrina Jonnier 2:39.747.



  1. Jamie

    Love Gee’s speed through the speed trap in his first run 😀

  2. joe

    Al Bond FTW

  3. Chris

    wheres gracia?

  4. Redride

    gracia is out for the season.

  5. Eoin

    Are any the riders annoyed at the 3 day format? Or is the track simple enough to not require a few days of training.
    Riding the track for the first time 2 days before the event doesnt seem like much. It’s a worldcup, it would be nice to be sure that all lines have been tested and the top guys can really give it 100%

  6. dughead123

    Any reason all the Trek boys are so low?

  7. Rob

    @dughead123 its just timed practice, some people dont take it too seriously, the trek boys are an example of that

  8. C Finnimore

    If these are the times on enthusiastic practice runs, tomorrow will be excellent and Sunday spectacular.
    love sundays me.

  9. tumble

    I take it Delfs found a bike then.

  10. maverickdh05

    Gracia is injured and out oif this round, whats up with Sam Bleinkinsop this year he just seems to be off the pace somewhat, such a bummer Schmaldming is not on the rounds anymore, still the best DH course imo. anyhoo, LETs get READY to RUNMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLe


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