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Kovarik wins Halo BDS round 2 at Fort William

Kovarik wins Halo BDS round 2 at Fort William

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Chris Kovarik and Rachel Atherton win Halo BDS round 2 at Fort William.


Photo:Ali Beckett

Good work Ben Reid Team Dirt Norco, team mate Dan Stanbridge (shoulder injury) even reckoned Reidy laid the bike down on his final run.

Full results on RootsandRain

Elite male
1 6 Chris KOVARIK Chainreactioncycles.Com/Int aus19780301 5:02.435
2 11 Dan ATHERTON Commencal gbr19820125 418699 5:05.882
3 56 Ben REID Dirt Norco Race Team irl19867324 1 5:07.115
4 7 Matti LEHIKOINEN Chainreactioncycles.Com/Int fin19840419 5:07.789
5 10 Matt SIMMONDS Chainreactioncycles.Com/Int gbr19870527 5:08.308
6 12 Julien CAMELLINI Chainreactioncycles.Com/Int fra19840107 5:08.416
7 4 Marc BEAUMONT GT Bikes gbr19840925 419322 5:09.455
8 2 Gee ATHERTON Commencal gbr19850226 418697 5:09.974
9 14 Danny HART Giant World Team gbr19910920 424959 5:10.355
10 17 Ruaridh CUNNINGHAM Chainreactioncyales.Com/Int gbr19890215 5:11.004
11 9 Ben CATHRO Mtbcut.Tv 431165 5:11.422
12 29 Fergus LAMB Perth City Cycles 443966 5:12.635
13 15 Tom BRAITHWAITE Hope Technology 429485 5:14.943
14 28 Robert SMITH 3Smith/SantaCruz 424627 5:16.653
15 58 Adam BRAYTON Mythic Factory Team 454535 5:16.992
16 63 Joe BARNES 550513 5:17.978
17 18 Rich THOMAS Ancillotti UK 431079 5:19.374
18 21 Jack READING Ellsworth/Oneal/sis 705623 5:19.980
19 23 Harry MOLLOY Last/Funn/Lifestyle 446935 5:20.907
20 24 David SMITH 3Smith/SantaCruz 421995 5:22.262
21 34 Ashley MALLER Santa Cruz UK 457908 5:22.474
22 31 Gareth BREWIN 2Stage Factory Team 442967 5:22.878
23 30 Peter WILLIAMS 450553 5:29.055
24 20 Scott LAUGHLAND Team Robin Ruth 441302 5:31.540
25 32 Christopher HUTCHENS Orange 433653 6:58.498
26 27 Scott MEARS Fox Europe/Santa Cruz UK/Co 7:18.036
27 33 James HUGHES 111111 8:56.157
28 53 Alex FLORIAN Pearce Cycles 421760 17:41.810

Race 9 Elite Women Nema Clothing

Pos Bib Name Club/Spons Lic Result
1 90 Rachel ATHERTON Commencal GBR19871206 418696 5:44.471
2 75 Claire BUCHAR Chainreactioncycles.Com/Int CAN19780426 6:00.883
3 76 Jess STONE Trek/Gravity Girls Team GBR19900914 462 6:28.404
4 77 Helen GASKELL Intense/Fox Racing GBR19830116 403409 6:29.392
5 93 Emily HORRIDGE GBR19800602 428091 6:31.219
6 80 Aimee DIX Mojo Suspension GBR19880620 447776 6:36.942
7 79 Sarah NEWMAN Fixonline GBR19850121 458089 6:36.990
8 78 Katy CURD 2Stage Factory GBR19890427 707400 6:38.626
9 82 Harriet LATCHEM Propain And Sixpack GBR19830511 461639 6:43.893
10 81 Emma WAREHAM Leisurelakesbikes GBR19830307 710166 7:09.504

Race 8 Expert Men Kali Protective

Pos Bib Name Club/Spons Lic Result
1 154 Jack GEOGHEGAN Ancillotti UK 446403 5:26.935
2 131 Owain JAMES Pearce Cycles Rt 442865 5:30.229
3 104 Oliver BURTON Funn/Axo/661/Maxxis/Superst 5:31.586
4 108 Chris SINDEN Phil Corley Cycles 433853 5:32.684
5 157 Sam SHUCKSMITH 454131 5:33.003
6 106 Mark MILWARD Swinnerton Cycles 709213 5:33.200
7 143 David DUGGAN Freeborn/Mythic 419053 5:34.014
8 109 Leon ROSSER Teambicycledoctor 453586 5:35.278
9 105 Kyle FARROW MSC Bikes 708031 5:36.100
10 137 Ben RODGERS All Terrain Cycles/Giant 44 5:37.520


Chris Kovarik


Dan Atherton


Ben Reid


Matt Simmonds


Gee Atherton


Claire Buchar


Helen Gaskell

Photos: Mark Mackay


Dirt Norco Race Team pits.


Inside the Dirt Norco Team pits, very snazzy.

  1. JW

    Rach won the ladies

  2. billy

    Cheers JW results up now, anyone know what happened to Gee, chain off?

  3. AF

    Something with his mech, i think his chain came out of the top roller in the mech some how . . .

  4. cycloholic

    Great to see Ben Reid on the podium.

  5. Bill

    Kovarik is a beast

  6. Farmer

    Gee dropped a chain. From what I could see after finals, it had came off around his mech somewhere.
    Dan Atherton did the biggest huck ever on the final compression in his race run.
    Reid was killing it all weekend.
    Track changes are wicked, and will definitely be a plus at the world cup.
    Weather was awesome.
    Not one mishap all weekend.
    Some wicked freebees at the end.
    An awesome weekend. Nice one Dave and Si!

  7. Mark Mackay

    I forgot to give my last name for the photo credit. I’ll be posting many more on my flickr page very soon. http://www.flickr.com/photos/thealbionsail/
    Thanks Billy.

  8. olliA

    Go Matti!!!! Dan Atherton is on fire big time! Good to see a podium for Ben. Hope he stays on form, he is my favourite rider. What a style!!

  9. Al Carson

    What a great event, and turnout, I could hardly get parked – the weather was excellent – (which was particulary ace as between watching the practise runs, I was off training for next weeks Ten Under the Ben endurance event) – happy days.
    Bring on the World Cup!!

  10. tammy

    claire buchar looks absolutely terrified!! glad it’s not just us “mere mortals” that are affected by that track…

  11. MK

    CRC will be pleased with that!

  12. nozes

    Excelent gloveless riding from CK,no surprise for me,as I have signed him for my Fantasy Downhill Team…
    now I’m off looking to buy a new leg for Barel :(
    This team director gig is killing me!

  13. billy

    Where was Tracy Moseley this weekend? Guess we’ll have to wait till Maribor for the shoot out between Rach and Tracy.

  14. james

    good work CRC intense… 4 out of the top 6, 5 in the top 10. and 2nd in the womens… not bad

  15. Jon

    Billy – Tracey & Rach have already clashed this year over in the USA at the ProGRT rd 1.

  16. billy

    Jon, The ProGRT wasn’t a full on WC track, I’m waiting for the big track clash!

  17. Matt

    I dont want to offend people here but why have we got foreign riders competing in the “British” national downhill champs? Surely this should be open to british born riders only to see who is the best rider in uk and not for other riders who want to pop over here and have a go at it??

  18. billy

    James, 5 CRC riders in the top 10 AND team boss Nige Page won the Masters! Result!

  19. Anoobis

    matt, have you ever seen how many British riders ride foreign DH series?!?

  20. Matt

    Yeah I have but should it be like that? Its different if its one off events like sea otter etc but when its a specific series to see who is the best rider in the uk, france, australia etc then should it be open just for residents for that country?

  21. billy

    Matt, I think it’s an honour that World Cup stars want to race one round of our series. It raises the profile of the BDS, it’s good for the fans, it’s good for domestic racers to compete against WC riders. It’s all positive as far as I can see. Don’t tell me you vote BNP too!

  22. Matt

    dont be daft billy, of course i dont. It was just a matter of opinion, not a political debate! And a vast majority of the world cup stars emulate from this country anyway!

  23. Large

    Good to see Ben Reid on the podium and the final result of the Dirt Norco Van, after reading the whole process in the magazine!! It looks awesome!!! Good work!! Hopefully we could see some inside pictures!!
    Cheers guys!!!

  24. ddmonkey

    Emulate? Surely they exfoliate from these shores don’t they? 😉

  25. Matt

    Ha ha, think your right there ddmonkey!!

  26. rootsandrain.co.uk

    Cheers for the link Dirt. Only the final race times are on R&R at the moment as it’s all mikrotime could give me at the venue. Just checked their site and the seeding times are now available – I’ll get them up on R&R in the morning!

  27. rootsandrain.co.uk

    Updated with seeding times, sorry for the delay.


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