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Good Golly Miss Knolly, more Knolly news for you here:

The highly-acclaimed and exclusive Knolly brand is available through our independent retailers for 2010.

Those of you that know the Knolly brand can expect the highest build quality and service.

Due date for Podium and Delirium frames is March, Endorphin frames are available now.

Knolly have a small but very dedicated following and we’re sure this will grow in 2010. All Knolly frames feature their patented Fourby4 linkage – making the bike extremely tuneable and stiff. Check out and

Podium, DH race (New for 2010)

Rear travel 213mm (8.4″)


Approx. 4.76kg with shock

47″ wheelbase (Medium)

64deg head angle

1.5″ headtube

Knolly Fourby4 linkage

Raw, Ano Black, Green, tbc


£2199.00 with RS Vivid

£2299.00 with Fox RC4

£2499.00 with C.C Double Barrel

Delirium, mid travel AllMntn (Refined for 2010)

Rear travel 170mm (6.7″)


Approx. 4.2kg with DHX Air shock

44.5″ wheelbase (Medium)

67deg head angle

1.5″ headtube

Knolly Fourby4 linkage

Raw, Ano Black, Britannia Blue, White


£1999.00 with DHX Air

£2099.00 with RC4

£2299.00 with C.C Double Barrel

Endorphin, All Mntn

Rear travel 140mm (5.5″)


Approx. 3.2kg with shock

43″ wheelbase (Medium)

67deg head angle

1.125″ headtube

Knolly Fourby4 linkage

Ano Grey, Ano Black, Spitfire Blue, White


£1799.00 with RP23

£1799.00 with Fox DHX Air

£1999.00 with C.C Double Barrel

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