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JT Racing is reborn

JT Racing is reborn

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Classic, iconic, legendary…JT Racing is back.

For anyone out there who was into MX or BMX in the 70’s and 80’s you will already know all about JT Racing. It was one of those ‘must have’ brands. Most of us could only afford a sticker or a race jersey if we were lucky. Well we have just had news that the company is about to start up again. We are not quite sure of the whole story yet, or even why they disappeared in the first place, but what we can tell you is that Decade Europe will be bringing the new range (jerseys, gloves, pants, helmets and casual items) in and it should be available very soon.

Classic JT Racing. Mike Miranda head to toe on the cover of BMX Plus 1986.

Matt Yeo from Decade Europe had this to say, “JT Racingʼs heritage and iconic status coupled with their pursuit of innovation, style and quality is an exciting prospect for us. Weʼre really pleased to have them on board and look forward to offering their excellent range to dealers throughout the UK.”
“I’m extremely excited about the simultaneous re-launch of the iconic JT brand across the globe. Typically, brands first focus on the US market because it is the biggest, however, in our situation we wish to give every market the opportunity to buy JT products at the same time.

Here’s a bit of background info JT Racing: Launched by John and Rita Gregory in the late 1960’s, JT Racing ruled the motocross world for decades. It was the gear of choice for racing legends like Smith, Hannah, Johnson, Lechien and Bailey. For 2011, JT Racing returns to the sport it helped build with an innovative line of motocross gear: pants, gloves, jersey and a trick new helmet not only reminiscent of the ground-breaking ALS-2 of the early 1980ʼs, but one that will make you rethink helmet technology entirely. With many past champions – Glover, LaPorte, Lechien and Hansen – developing, testing and promoting the new line of gear, JT Racing is poised to unleash the style and innovation that will once again become the gold standard in motocross. JT Racing USA – History. Innovation. And heart.

  1. Tim

    Holy sh*t check out the guy getting thrown out of the ‘side car’!

  2. dirt dodger

    remember mags like that?? if so you are as old as me.

  3. Rick T

    Ace! Are they gonna do Mouthtraps for the DH set?

  4. Tom

    You forgot JMB !

  5. ronin

    @ dirt dodger- yes and yes! I’ve even got a Jofa mouthguard somewhere! torker eddy king ’82!

  6. Dirt HQ

    Remember them…I’ve got boxes of them in the other room! Ha.

  7. Orangejack

    Check out the bear trap pedals!! They were just the coolest

  8. nadger

    “10 hot games you can play on your bike” i’d love to know what they are!

  9. MJ

    JT, Hutch, bear traps, Jofa – ahhh, the good old days.

    I was just wondering the other day what happened to JT. My first DH pads were JTs too.

  10. Dirt HQ

    I can’t remember what the plastic guard on the forks/axle was meant to be for. Anyone? You only had it on the one side I think.

  11. euan

    they look like fake sort of disc covers that you see on mx bikes but im a youngster that knows nothing about racing in the past..

  12. Jonny B Good
  13. Stubacca

    Best gloves i’ve ever had were JT’s. Think it was ’97 when the company disappeared.

  14. dirt dodger

    I loved the look of the face masks and couldn’t wait to get one when i was 10 – hated the sweat build up inside them though, the worst thing was before vented number boards came about – them solid things were like a HUGE wind break – pedal pedal pedal pedal is all I am saying.

  15. GDH

    The thing on the forks was just a mini number board to get extra sticker placements for sponsors. You used to get them for the rear triangle as well.

  16. barney

    This is hardly fresh news…it was released last year…just a plug for Decade no doubt. BTW the quality is meant to be shit. Stick with TLD as Fox are also going downhill these days…it’s all about the profit margins kids!

    BTW Thicko’s the plastic on the forks is actually a rear brake guard a la http://bmxmuseum.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=249607

    Dorks like Mike Miranda put them on to hopefully fool the Americans that it was a real moto with a disc brake guard!

    Note the gay symbolism as well…lots of rainbows….faggot!

    Holywood…more like hole for my wood…bloody gayboys!

  17. barney

    BTW just noticed the early TLD sticker above Mikes peak…that’s 1985 folks…Troy in da house!

  18. GDH

    @Barney – So now that you just realised the “faggot” has a TLD sticker on his helmet does it make him awesome all of a sudden? Or does it now make TLD “Gayboy” product? Im just asking because you seem to be very knowledgable on the subject and your opinion is like gospel to me. Thanks.

  19. nojzilla

    rad! fingers X’ed for some etro logo kit :)

  20. nojzilla

    my R button doesn’t work very well :(

  21. ben

    man i wish i had a pink bmx still…

  22. John

    Fuck the fag has a tld sticker on his helmet! Well that’s it for me, my D2 is going straight in the bin as troy lee stuff must just be for those Gays. Anyhow better go and get my ship ready to go and bring over some more slaves for my plantation………

  23. Fish

    @Barny *Hollywood – Loser.

  24. p.addy

    i do believe they been leading the paint ball scene for years for clothes googles and facemasks

  25. enrique

    What is this paintedball you talk of?

  26. Andy

    Pretty sure I remember that issue. The 10 games feature had Eddie Fiola and Martin Aparijo with a bunch of other dudes playing bike tag etc. Good times…

  27. Tim Lake

    @Barney “The plastic on the forks is a rear brake guard”. Oh really? then care to explain why it is at the FRONT of the bike on the FORKS?
    My guess is that’s it’s an axle and nut guard to stop people getting impaled if they crashed under the bike.

  28. maverickdh05

    JT MX gear rocked I even wore mine to bed as a kid, then as a bigger lad in the 90s JT was my pref MTB gear, Cptn purple, similar to what ya saw Warner donning back in the hey days, that was the last time I wore lycra!

    Welcome back JT, now where do I sign up.

  29. army dh team (jack)

    no way bear trap pedals i have serious shin scars from them they just used to rip through your shin pads stopping as they dug into bone,

    JT clothing coming back next the bds will be called the kellogs downhill championships (for those old enough to remember)

    bmx bandits will be prime time sat night tv

  30. army dh team (jack)

    i might buy some jt kit and then pretend to hold a set of handle bars and run around in the street doing tricks AGAIN

  31. Mark

    JT Racing MX Kits will be with us very soon! Pre-Order yours now at Dirtbikexpress.. use this link… http://www.dirtbikexpress.co.uk/motocross_kit_combos/jt_racing_motocross_kit_combos

  32. Dave

    JT Racing Kits and JT Racing casual clothing is now in stock at http://www.dirtbikebitz.com/

    View the complete range here http://www.dirtbikebitz.com/2012-jt-racing-motocross-kit-c-5554.html


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