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Josh Bryceland talks FLOW with Steve Jones

Josh Bryceland talks FLOW with Steve Jones


Steve Jones has been down to the chippy with his cordless-video-phone, this time he pointed it at Santa Cruz Syndicate whip-meister Josh Bryceland.

As we saw talking to Fabien Barel the instinctive nature of achieving flow on a bike is something that is felt rather than taught.

Josh Bryceland has an interesting take on flow and also on speed, or lack of it. From the conversation with Fabien we saw that riding isn’t about isolated events. It’s about joining the dots and riding at a level that makes this achievable. Riding trails and World Cup downhill racing are very different beasts, but they share the same teeth.

In this one taker with Miami Bryce he talks about how speed isn’t acknowledged in the same way when you are in that zone, when everything flows. We all know Josh for his style and ability to pull a whip off just about anything but here it all runs a bit deeper. Who thought he would have an epiphany in the gate of a race run!?

Flow is still a dark art but understanding how different riders find it might just give us lot a helping hand.

Look out for a full interview with Josh in the next issue (135) of Dirt…


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  1. mr_p

    7:43 of my life i’ll never get back

  2. Robbonzo

    I love these vids. Nice insight.

  3. dhen

    Yeah I really enjoy the sort of chat thing, like the parts in fundamentals where Steve Jones rambles on (or the bit in the extras where he’s driving the transit chatting)… I like the whole sort of relaxed chat thing

  4. Janosh

    I guess people are not suppose to dislike or even hate people because they have some sort of disease like AIDS or any of the genetically inherited terminal illnesses. So, I still like Dirt. Even if they have Steve Jones.

    1. choppers

      and we have people like you

    2. Hancock

      At least Jonseyism isn’t fatal or infectious…

  5. Timmy

    I’ll have the Halibut, heavy on the mushy peas and a little Tartare sauce. Oh, and a pint of tea…..

    Jonesy, talk closer to the microphone love.

  6. dirkentstein

    This optimum carry on sounds like cod shit to me.. I don’t see the point in that question at all.

    Nice to hear a bit of northern logic though. Keep em coming jones lad!!

  7. alex

    It’s good to hear people who don’t work in journalism telling someone who has made a career of journalism how to do his job.

  8. wilkjd29

    Really enjoying these flow vids, keep them coming!

  9. max

    mint crack

  10. JCL

    It’d be great if you had a series of these interviews opened up to joe public. I’d love to ask Bryceland why he hasn’t won a shitload of World Cups yet?

  11. Bradley Reece

    The difference between Fab and Bryce is clear. Fab is very articulate and able to keenly express the minute details of his ability to perform. Bryce is limited in that ability. His faculties are simply not as integrated as Fab’s. Can’t help but wonder if this accounts for the differences in their results.

  12. mitsos22

    ratboy was not very talkative but it doesn’t matter. These video series are RAD!!! Keep em comming please :)

  13. Josh

    Good work, liking these ‘flow’ videos.

  14. Gabe

    These videos are brilliant. Love them, nice little glimpse into how the fastest riders go so fast. Perhaps bryce isn’t as articulate as barel but the point he seemed to be trying to get across about when you are flowing you feel slow because everythings smooth and the bike isnt getting rattled about etc (i think thats kinda what he meant) really made me think about my own riding style. One little whinge tho…..I had to turn my speakers up to max to even make out what either of them were saying. can you get a better mic or something? please

  15. Big+Dawg

    Love these vids, would love to hear the answers from all the top guys and also the freeriders, I bet Bear Claw would have some great stuff to say. Don’t get the anti-Jonesness. Other than his love of 29ers he seems like a nice guy who loves bikes. What’s the problem?

  16. Dirt Factory

    I thought it was a mint vid, topman Bryce! Know where ya comin from well easier said then done but wen ya find it u do ride well better #no fear

  17. Alex

    Another awesome flow vid. It sounds to me like the Flow is the high that a lot of riders aspire to. The moments where riding is clear, effortless, and subsequently fast.

  18. Skud

    great vids lately, but try and invest in a mic with more pickup!


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