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Joost Wichman video - 2013 UCI Fourcross World Champion

Joost Wichman video - 2013 UCI Fourcross World Champion

In what seems like his last race in 4X Joost Wichman became World Champion, not a bad way to finish off a world class career as a racer! Team mate Katy Curd took the Women’s overall title and the silver medal at the World Champs to cap off a great season for the Rose Vaujany Team.

Both riders had some pretty special bikes put together for the last races of the 4X season too, can’t beat razzing on a hardtail!

2013 Rose 4X Worlds Bike Joost 06 Detail


2013 Rose 4X Worlds Bike Katy 03 Detail

2013 Rose 4X Worlds Bike Joost 02 Bike


2013 Rose 4X Worlds Bike Katy 04 Deatil

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  1. Leon

    No wonder the UCI dropped 4x , pissy little jumps , low speed , 1 pass move every heat

    1. stickman


    2. yo momma

      boooo to you sir

  2. Berty

    Going to have to disagree with you Leon, you obviously have no idea how fast these guys are riding those hardtails.

    Its also quite obvious from your comment that you don’t have skill to ride one fast.

    Anyway have fun riding your massive 10″ downhill/enduro bike over some little roots on a tiny hill in Uk!

  3. yo+momma

    I agree with Berty. Not only because his name is Berty, but because he is absolutely correct. Good on you sir for calling bullshit on Leon

  4. yomomma

    Oh wait,you scoundrel, I do not agree with the derogatory tone that you’re taking about my beloved Isle I call home. We have some mountains. Official height mountains. You sir, are a common dandy

  5. highwayman

    JOOST THE BOOST!!!!!!!!

  6. Mr+Powermutant

    What was Leon watching and just how big are his backyard jumps? Joost with 2 amazing come from behind races, some massive crashes, Marossi charging like a mad man, Barry Nobles with the mtb scrub of the decade/ever, even Warner was on form like we haven’t heard in a while.


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