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Joe Barnes on Canyon Bikes for 2013

Joe Barnes on Canyon Bikes for 2013

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Joe Barnes and fellow Dudes Of Hazzard Liam Moynihan and Fergus Lamb have left MTBCut and Orange Bikes and signed up with German company Canyon Bikes for more enduro adventures.


NewsBoom! Joe Barnes has signed for Canyon Bikes.

Canyon have started an International Enduro Team and along with two German riders and one French, Joe will be seen at all major enduro events over the summer. After a great summer racing enduro last year it’s exciting times with a new set up for Joe in 2013.

The Dudes of Hazzard chiefs Liam Moynihan and Fergus Lamb have also signed for the German brand. You wouldn’t want to split all the boys up. From now on Dudes ventures will have a strong Canyon presence and with all the usual banter watch out for a great summer of episodes, a movie?, mega vision and more.

Expect more news about the team (who could the french rider be?) and much more soon.

Lots of love

Joe and the Dudes

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  1. tommy

    you’re an ace rider Joe, good luck!

  2. Canuckistan

    Teamrumors strikes again…

  3. TallPaul

    Joe Barnes just looks so good on a bike!! Big loss for Orange this

  4. Carl

    I own a strive:) Cant ride it like that yet though:( More time on the bike me thinks……


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