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Jerome Clementz wins 2010 Megavalanche

Jerome Clementz wins 2010 Megavalanche

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

News is trickling through the internet hosepipe from Alpe D’Huez, Jerome Clementz takes the win, Nico Vouilloz in 2nd just 13 seconds back and Sam Blenkinsop showing he’s got the fitness in 3rd only 1 min 13 adrift.

One of the pre race favourites Remy Absalon in 4th, Matti Lehikoinen powering his way to 5th. Old Skool Jurgen Beneke in 8th just ahead of another WC downhill star Brendan Fairclough (who said he couldn’t pedal?) with MTB Cut rider Joe Barnes banging in a 10th place.

Here is the 2010 Megavalanche top 25:


Full Mega results here.

And in the all important media clash of the titans:

78th Rob Parkin (DirtTV)

99th Sven Martin (Photograper/Vital MTB)

Stay tuned for the DirtTV Mega video coming soon.

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  1. james rothwell

    Alex Stock what a result, what to go matey!

  2. Andy B

    Well done, Mr Barnes. Good show.

  3. rhs

    Big up to Ludo May in 6th. The boy has a future in this sport and DH.

  4. big man

    Niall Davis 19th, some result.

  5. billy

    How about Silvio Bundi, 14th, and that was from row K, 11 rows back!

  6. The Night Sheep

    jurgen beneke, blast from the past

  7. TimLake

    So Brendan can pedal!?

  8. Rodrigo

    Wildhaber in 20th? What happened?

  9. DanB

    go matti!

  10. specialneedz


  11. Swoop

    Wildhaber had 2 flat tires just after the 1st little uphill-section, he then had to change wheels. but the mechanic was posted just before the panoramic-singletrack where the Mega-run and the Quali-run get together.

  12. Anoobis

    blenky! barnes! and whats with brendan coming so high in a race where you need to pedal!

  13. Weirdo

    Nice work Mr Barnes.


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