Its Billy’s Last day at Dirt, lets wish him farewell!

Billy Trailstar or Billy the Web, or many of the other things that Billy been called over the years. He’s been the main fingers behind Dirt’s website for a long old while but is now moving on to pastures new. Today is his last day at the digital contols, I’ll be doing an ‘obituary’ on him in the coming weeks but for now… for anyone who has ever enjoyed a friday random, some of his leftfield questions or his boundary pushing video techniques… let him know how much he will be missed.

In his natural self effacing style Billy said “Hmmm, not sure if I warrant a web piece. I’m just a cut and paster with anxiety issues!” I for one have much enjoyed your cutting and pasting for a long time Billio… you’re gonna be much missed.

See Ya Lad!

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