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Its Billy's Last day at Dirt, lets wish him farewell!

Its Billy's Last day at Dirt, lets wish him farewell!

Billy Trailstar or Billy the Web, or many of the other things that Billy been called over the years. He’s been the main fingers behind Dirt’s website for a long old while but is now moving on to pastures new. Today is his last day at the digital contols, I’ll be doing an ‘obituary’ on him in the coming weeks but for now… for anyone who has ever enjoyed a friday random, some of his leftfield questions or his boundary pushing video techniques… let him know how much he will be missed.

In his natural self effacing style Billy said “Hmmm, not sure if I warrant a web piece. I’m just a cut and paster with anxiety issues!” I for one have much enjoyed your cutting and pasting for a long time Billio… you’re gonna be much missed.

billy irish enduroSee Ya Lad!

  1. Big_Tim

    Noooo, can anyone else liv up to the Friday Randomness?!
    Cheers Billy Webbystar!

  2. TimBud

    Am going to miss you here Billy.
    Good luck with everything mate!

  3. Matt Grindrod

    cheers for everything billy!

  4. Andy Yoong

    Gonna miss the Billy Boy.

  5. George jones

    Sorry to hear you’re off Billy, going to miss your unique ways. All the best in the future!

  6. Paul

    Billy you’ve been the funniest guy to work with. It’s a big hole that needs to be filled to replace you!

  7. Alex

    It was good chatting to you at the Dragons years ago and I have really enjoyed viewing your work since. Best of luck with whatever you are up to next.

  8. Mushy

    Good luck! I’m going to miss that chit chat video interview style!

  9. THEmamadirt

    Noooooo Billy!!!! All the best fella! Gonna miss the randomness big time :(

  10. Fernando Muska Pereira

    Oh cmon… Sorry to see you leaving. Gonna miss those randoms and interviews… Best of luck!

  11. ddmonkey

    All the best Billy, its a sad day but onwards and upwards! Bon chance!

  12. Dirt Factory

    Niceone Billy, that video was a worthy Friday random. All the best.

  13. shutter2ride

    Cheers Billy, good luck.

  14. Aaron

    Ah man, what a loss! Billy is one the friendliest, most unassuming guys I’ve ever met. He’s got a good spirit. Wishing him the best for whatever’s next!

  15. benkilbee

    Nice one Billy! Good luck, we’ll be keeping our eyes out for your next adventure :)

  16. mcewan7

    OMG whats going to happen next Friday? Thanks for entertaining me whilst I’m in work all these years!

  17. Petey G

    Best of luck with your new opportunity Billy!
    Thanks again for sending me that missing copy from my sub all those years ago.
    Ride On!

  18. Eoin

    Not sure this website can survive without Billy’s puns…

  19. Hancock

    Bye bye Billy, I’ll miss you

  20. Big Bird

    Thanks for helping show off my bikes. Send the old office some random randoms from time to time to help them out will ya?

  21. ronin

    frandoms won’t be the same! hoping you will do a random Dirt drive-by now and then. good luck and all the best to you, sir!

  22. where we going now..?

    its gonna take a monster of a geezer to fill Sir William`s inter`tweb boots..

    Thanks for the laughs bro…! Adios and good luck..

  23. Steve 'the butcher'

    Billy (along with grumpy) are the real reason I swapped from bikes with engines to bikes that required pedal power.
    Our bill is truly one of the most amicable people you will ever meet and has a writing style (and sense of humour) that has no equal.
    I hope your new venture goes well and I truly wish you every success.
    Thanks for the laughs.

  24. Shazza

    Babs, you taught me everything I know – how to grease the pipes, rod the back end and even rub a weazel. If it wasn’t for you I don’t know where I’d be. Probably still at old Geraldine’s place grinding myself into the floor.

    You’re one in a million and I wish you all the best.



  25. Pauline

    I’ve been a fan right from your Down and Out days Billy. Great loss to Dirt, it just won’t be the same without your humour and constant pun bombs. Not to mention all the great work that you have done for this sport. I wish you all the best in your new adventure x

  26. Turman

    All the best, Billy! Been rad sharing the ‘net space with you. Make ol’ Jonesy buy you a drink for us. Cheers.

  27. jimbo3000

    Good luck Billy! Loved reading ur down and out on a hardtail column and ur many video escapades left me with pee jobbi.
    Word up homey!

  28. Sx trail

    Good luck! Sad to see you go.

  29. Dirty Dee

    I think the comments here speak for themselves Billy, obviously from people who know you personally and plain old mag and online readers like myself you have made a lasting impression. Your vibe will be missed…Good Luck

  30. woodrat

    Good luck Buddy, Always loved the randommness and the occasional 80s metal vids :) you’ll be missed!

  31. willysnow

    From down and out through to the frandoms, probably one of the greatest writers I have have ever.. error read. Don’t go too far and keep shredding sir!

  32. nozes

    I wish you all the best,Billy!
    Thanks for all the great work,you made this site one of the best.

    Good luck on your new adventure.
    Cheers from Portugal

  33. Bob

    cheers Billy, I’ve enjoyed your work for years. good luck and godspeed

  34. Geoff

    down and out on a hardtail!!!! always loved it. cheers!

  35. dirt dodger


  36. Neil

    Billy, thanks for tirelessly bringing Dirt readers great viseo and web content for a long long time. I liked your style right back to the living in the car period. Pastures greener? What’s next for Billy?
    We’ll miss you mate. Those are some serious boots to fill.

  37. Tim

    Loved all your stuff, I even bought a hardtail to see what I was missing. Never stop riding bikes, they keep you young. Tim

  38. mbare

    Ciao man!

  39. Royal Racing

    Seeya Billy and good luck with whatever your moving on to, we wish you the best. Not sure friday randoms will ever be the same.

  40. DeanL

    All the best Billy, cheers for the hard work and great content.

  41. Production Privee

    All the best Billy!

  42. Nige Page

    All the best Bill with the digging and fresh air!
    Been great working with you.
    See you on the trails.
    Nige Page

  43. Zelvy Carbon

    Billy I think you will be missed at Dirt HQ, you replied to emails and showed a genuine interest in the scene and the people who worked within it. All the best.

  44. longchamp 激安

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