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Italian Bike Resort Alpi

Italian Bike Resort Alpi

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The Atherton’s have hooked up with Bike Resort Alpi and will help to develop the trail network.

I’ve not heard about this resort before but sounds like it could be worth a look over the summer, 8 chairlifts, 2 cable cars, 50 freeride routes, 20 minute enduro runs…the numbers seem to add up.

Anyone been? Let us know in the comments below.

Here’s the PR bit:

This June marked the first of many visits by the Atherton family to the Italian Bike Resort Alpi. Nestled on the Italian/French border the resort is made up of 3 valleys, 8 towns and over 50 freeride routes, just 40 minutes from a bustling Turin airport. The family had been looking for a European base to train and settle in-between World Cups for a few years and when we discovered Alpi it ticked all the boxes. With riding in the area offering everything from 20 minute enduro runs to short downhill race courses the team knew this was the place to base themselves. “The riding in Alpi is amazing, the trails and scenery are beautiful and I’d urge anyone who hasn’t been here to visit” commented youngest sibling Rachel.

The partnership will also see the Athertons help develop the trail network by adding input from their experiences of racing all over the globe, Dan who builds a lot of trails close to home is so excited at this prospect, “we’re fully taken back by the potential here! the existing riding is amazing but I feel I’d like to make my mark here with a couple more World class downhill trails”

The team wil be using the resort as a base all summer but you are most likely to catch them there during August 22nd-28th where they will be using Alpi’s network of trails to prepare for this years World Championships happening a few hours North in Switzerland.

Check out the first of a few Contour headcam videos from the resort, first off is the Italian downhill race course in the town of Sestriere.

About Alpi Bike resort

Alpi Bike Resort is a great new idea for lovers of Mountain Bike: a unique area where all the exciting versions of this sport can be enjoyed.

Consisting of 3 valleys and 8 towns, it offers over 50 Freeride routes at various levels and hundreds of kilometres of Cross-Country trails, to which are added the Bike&Skill Park, Dirt and Four Cross areas, North Shore tracks.

Alpi Bike Resort is a reference point for all cross-country fans, but also offers a unique opportunity for those who love riding but aren’t so keen on the climbs: 8 chairlifts and 2 cable cars equipped for carrying bikes will cut out some of the effort. An ongoing project, the Alpi Bike Resort is yet another reason for choosing nature, the landscapes and the multiple attractions of the Alps of the Alta Val Susa: Bardonecchia, Cesana Torinese, Chiomonte, Claviere, Pragelato, Prali, Sauze d’Oulx and Sestriere form the magnificent summer setting for those who want to enjoy the unique riding experience in the saddle of a Mountain Bike.

It wasn’t by chance that we decided to define ourselves a ‘resort’ since it was inspired by our intention to become a bike destination where the quantity and quality of the routes comes with a whole range of top services. We want to offer a truly complete experience, offering bikers a network of dedicated services, able to meet any need: hire, repair shops, MTB schools and Bike Hotels.

Alpi Bike Resort is open from mid-June to mid-September. The area is so large that you need never take the same route twice, even if deciding to spend a couple of weeks staying in our mountains. Each year there are numerous MTB events and competitions: XC, Marathon, Superenduro, DH and Maxiavalanche.
INFO: info@alpibikeresort.com – www.alpibikeresort.com

  1. meathead981

    I’ve been in 2009 (went to Bardoneccia and Sauze D’Oulx…not sure on the spelling!).

    They were good, Sauze better than Bardoneccia, but they were a bit hit and miss…i.e. I did a ‘freeride’ loop that involved a massive climb then a descent on fireroad.

    Also some of the marked trails were just basic tracks. Sauze had some good features, i.e. jumps, gaps, etc.

    Overall it was worth a visit, but not up to Morzine and other resorts

  2. Mr B

    “I’ve not heard about this resort before but sounds like it could be worth a look over the summer, 8 chairlifts, 2 cable cars, 50 freeride routes, 20 minute enduro runs…the numbers seem to add up.”



  3. VonDH

    Shame the backing was not for a track route system and up lifts in the UK

  4. dylan

    Sounds interesting but I want to go to Morzine next summer because I know it has a good reputation. I want to go by the look of it but thats only one trail when it makes its name I will seriously consider it!

  5. slam hill

    Looks pants

  6. KEvin

    Not as good as it sounds.
    Been there several times.

    The lifts don’t connect and the passes are different. You must consider it as several resorts close to each other and not like a huge network all connected together.

    Sauze d’Oulx is the best of all but this year there is construction on the slopes so several trails are closed.

    Bardo is great for beginners but those with a better level will be a bit desapointed.

    Really hope the Atherton will help improve the trails. The scenery is great, it’s got great potential but not as good as it could be….. yet!

  7. Treka

    Went in 2009 and mainly based in Sauze. It has great potential but agree it needs linking together or at least having a pass to cover all areas in the Alpi Bike Resort.
    Quite high altitude which you could feel when riding but great ice creams!!!!!

  8. GGR

    I’ve not been, but if they are able to make things link and the same pass cover all lifts, then combined with the Atherton’s trail input it sounds like it has the potential to become an excellent alternative to the PDS. I was in Morzine for 2 days last week and was quite surprised at the number of hardened fans saying they wouldn’t be going there again next year. But then again, alot of the trails were the most beat up and and blown out I’ve ever seen this early in the season. It’s more like late-August conditions!

  9. dirt dodger

    looks like they have some work to do based on the riders who have been. i shall stick with the French side for now – at least you know what you will get for your hard earned holiday break and cash.

  10. ray edwards

    All I will say is that everyone that goes to Alpi and then comes here to Molini Italy ( 3 hours from Alpi ) says this is better , I have not been to Alpi myself but most of the comments above echo what our guest have said .
    We have had a number of world cup rides here for early season training and would invite the Athertons to try out this area before putting all their eggs into one basket . Cheers all


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