Interbike Final Day Photos Part 1

Sven Martin has been awake for 7 whole days straight in Vegas, living off a diet of coffee and boiled sweets. The man is about to spontaneously combust, thank f**k it’s the last day.

GoPro Hero Wide cameras, offering 170 degrees POV view with helmet, chest, seatpost, wrist, surfboard, you name it mounts. Shockproof, waterproof, TV quality digital video and 5 megapixel still camera with glass lens. Perfect for memorizing courses and just good alround POV easy to use technology.

Black Mrkts Carter Holland shows us the Mob that won him best in show hardtail.

New Charge Oven Gloves. This UK company’s products are now available stateside too. The gloves developed in conjunction with We The People (Fuse) It is cut on a curved plane, which means there is no need for stitching that will bunch. Nice and thin.

The 2009 Dorado. Expect release early 2009. They have delayed release of this fork until they are 100% satisfied after a year plus of testing and tweaking.A price tag of $2775 will include personalized factory tuning for you and your bike/riding style and an built in after-sales service plan.

Interbike Final Day Photos Part 1