Intense 2951

Mr Intense,Jeff Steber, sent us over these interesting photos of his latest project, a 29″ 951 or 2951.
I think it’s great, but have a gander and see what you think.

“Something I have wanted to do for some time & topic of many debates.
With a little help from Manitou / Sun & WTB we have the “2951”
This first proto is in the medium range 23.5 effective tt.
G3 dropout & Head tube
14″ bb in middle, w 64.5 ha @ 0
CS 18.25″
WB 48″
Where do you start with this, so I went with tried & true and we have a bit of adjustability to play with.
Travel is at 7.5 or 8″ with adjustable link.
fork is reduced to 7″
So everyone who has thrown a leg over it is blown away in one aspect or another.
This is just a test project at this point & hope to get some team riders on real tracks in near future. Tires are the biggest issue at this point but if it pans out I am sure Intense Tires will step up for some racing rubber choices.
The 951 frame works well for this as there is alot of room for seatube tire clearance.”

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