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Intense 2951

Intense 2951

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Mr Intense,Jeff Steber, sent us over these interesting photos of his latest project, a 29″ 951 or 2951.
I think it’s great, but have a gander and see what you think.

“Something I have wanted to do for some time & topic of many debates.
With a little help from Manitou / Sun & WTB we have the “2951”
This first proto is in the medium range 23.5 effective tt.
G3 dropout & Head tube
14″ bb in middle, w 64.5 ha @ 0
CS 18.25″
WB 48″
Where do you start with this, so I went with tried & true and we have a bit of adjustability to play with.
Travel is at 7.5 or 8″ with adjustable link.
fork is reduced to 7″
So everyone who has thrown a leg over it is blown away in one aspect or another.
This is just a test project at this point & hope to get some team riders on real tracks in near future. Tires are the biggest issue at this point but if it pans out I am sure Intense Tires will step up for some racing rubber choices.
The 951 frame works well for this as there is alot of room for seatube tire clearance.”






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  1. martidog

    ooooh the 29er issue, can of worms, debate debate. Before the posts start to flow can I ask Billy you got a pocket of cash and your choice is the 26″ version or the 29er wot you walkin out with??? Oh & cue the posts about Dirtmag freebies on this one haha.

  2. billy

    Martidog, I’m walking out with a 29er, I likes to be different.

  3. SA Springbok

    Very interesting concept, might help with the prevention of stalling on rooty sections but on tight tracks its going to slow down on steering response. Does a 29er have more surface area on the ground over a 26″? if so then that should mean more traction?

  4. Callahan

    Not really seeing that kind of a bike getting used anywhere else than really open tracks with zero tight turns.
    Might be fun though..

  5. Hancock

    I wonder why no-one took a 29er to the world champs this year, you’d have thought they’d jump at the extra rolling speed.

    It’s the most convincing looking 29er dh bike so far, I suppose you’ll just have to get one for a while to see if it’s any good or not. You people have such a hard life :)

    I guess the danger is it would turn out like gearbox bikes, great as long as you live at the top of Mt St Anne…

  6. SA Springbok

    a test should be held at Le Bresse and Champery on a 26″ and 29er to settle the score with a track like Fort Bill thrown into the mix.

  7. Rufus

    29er wheels have a longer footprint also in corners, so in theory you can get more grip on flat corners… in tight, technical terrain I was expecting a recently tried 29r to be rubbish, but it wasn’t.
    In fact, I couldn’t find any fault. Dammit, don’t like them… but this one looks great.

  8. kimbers

    is this the future it certainly seems to be dominating the xc world in the states at least

  9. Mint

    Man,this is not good,can’t we just stay still for awhile?we are evolving too much.

  10. matt

    i’d still have a ‘normal’ 951

  11. Sakis

    Don’t know if its faster or not but there’s something about it that I don’t like. It’s ugly. Why not 32″ or even 35″? Don’t get me wrong, any change in things we love it’s usually hard to accept.

  12. Pete

    It’d be great on rocks and roots etc, but its extra rotating weight (not good for sprinting) and tight turns would be very interesting (I’m a taller guy and have trouble with my large size VPFree on really tight stuff, having said that the number of tracks with corners that tight are very few). Theres a definate market for such a beast.

  13. Anthony

    I’ll get my lycra Onesy…

  14. Kid Riemer

    Someone will win a World class DH on a 29’er DH bike in the next two years. That world class rider will be riding for a company that steps up (as Intense may) and let’s them choose their weapon based on the demands of the particular course.

    Two years folks.

  15. jonny

    damn, that is one ugly bike….
    and as i only have little legs, i shall stick to 26… good to have a choice though i suppose

  16. Kristian

    it’s a clean looking machine but im sticking to my 26er’s

  17. AL

    I want one with a 29 wheel at the front and a 26 at the back just like moto cross has done for years….best of both worlds

  18. Dan

    Everyone a critic, but i would definitely want to try it, lycra or not. it would be interesting to see a 26/29 DH bike i think it would have a more acceleration power!

  19. hae ass the mad street fighter

    tidy bike

  20. Isaac

    I think it looks pretty good actually, better than most 29″ bikes I’ve seen, would love to try one…

  21. Tim

    i ride everything fro 20″ to 29″ and only recently with the 29er…. if it has wheels i’ll give it ago, variety keeps it interesting… One this i did notice with my new 29er was how well it handled the rough stuff. It’s only a alloy hard tail with a crap 3″ fork, but it was a lot faster than my normal XC bike through straight line rough stuff.. I think this is a natural step, and surprised it’s taken as long as it has. I guess Intense racers are going to need alot of support, lugging an M6, 951 and 2951 all over Europe. Like Billy i like being different also… i’d take the 2951.. i’m not that fast through corners anyway :-)


  22. Crank-A-lackin

    Wow it’s a new intense.
    Get ready guys soon you’ll all see these new frames crackin an snappin at a downhill track near you.

    “Intense” the frames that always crack

  23. Toto

    29/26 will loook just as retarded as the early big hits.

  24. kimbers

    Dirt really has to do a 29er v 26er 951 comparison asap!

  25. PeteyG

    Alex from Buffalo Composite Designs has been racing DH on a Carbon 29er he built, over here in the states, for the last couple of seasons.
    Wonder if the UCI will get involved in this debate, with some ‘new rule’ to keep the look of the sport intact?

  26. Colin

    Yeah Alex the ‘mad scientist’ sparked it all. nice to see a use for all those flat DH bars. wheel strength no issue with some smart hubs. ie single speed cassette 150 and white bros. 110 front spacing ala White Bros that even 26″ wheels benefit from. maybe 29″ is spurring the demand for DH racing dedicated racing products. lets see if we can get Peat on one and another Worlds win. Realistically Intense should spend less time inciting internet forums and make some some changes to the way they handle warranties take some preventative measures against them happening in the first place. all love though.

  27. ronin

    dominating xc courses in the states maybe but can’t seem to see the front of world cup xc races. rider or wheel responsible for that? not hatin’ just statin’.

  28. broken Bones

    Y’r mom’s a bicycle

  29. gareth

    Interesting!? Well I’ve had my 951 for a fair few months now so it would be interesting to throw my leg over that to see the difference in handling. Everyone’s a critic but isn’t it funny how the majority have negative feeling to it just like they did with the RN-1. Well up until it won its first world cup season anyway…….


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