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I'm faster than you!

I'm faster than you!

This is only so funny because its so true!! Matt Dennison drops the knowledge; it wont cut deep because they wont realise.

The Vanderham cameo is brilliant.

Name and Shame… you know ’em, who are they?


  1. terrid

    He looks like Gee. Just sayin’.

    1. jérémy

      Gee is faster than you.. 😉

  2. Leon

    Brilliant video , pretty much slapped half of the riding community in the face!

  3. Dave

    I think my favourite video this year- i think pretty much everyone has one or more of these qualitys, some more than others though!

  4. Matt


  5. Hancock

    Vanderham’s face! I want that on a T Shirt to hand out at events… wonder if the recipients would get it?

  6. Doc Wat

    If The Lonely Island rode mountain bikes…

  7. Brick

    hahahahahahahaha so funny.

  8. Jon Gregory

    Great stuff.

  9. Rivers

    Wade is in there too!

  10. chris-m

    Absolutely brilliant! Funny as hell :)

  11. Nixoo

    Watched it 3 times and still laughing :) Man that is some cool s**t

    We’re all a bit like that so that’s well deserved I guess …

  12. John.

    Quality,isn’t that Simmons in the shop with the other dudes as well?

  13. Messy

    Love this, speaking the truth. Only thing he missed was something about everyone running cut down spikes even if it’s completely dry or ridiculously muddy…


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