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Hutchinson United Ride Pietermaritzburg World Cup team video 2012

Hutchinson United Ride Pietermaritzburg World Cup team video 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The Starsky and Hutchinson United Ride team video from PMB, South Africa, World Cup #1

Tracey Hannah made an amazing comeback from her four year WC hiatus to win the opening round at Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Brother, Mick, took 3rd, less than a second off the win. Fabien Cousinie bagged 16th, Tim Bentley 48th and Guillaume Cauvin 71th which was enough to give the Hutchinson United ride team first place in the overall team ranking.

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It’s with pride that we present you the fantastic race that the HUTCHINSON UNITED RIDE team experienced at the first 2012 World Cup.

The Hannah’s grand season opening !

Tracey made a phenomenal come back and earned one of her most beautiful victory .

Mick thrilled us with his awesome ride not even 1 second off the victory. We are so proud of his run.

Fabien 16th, Tim 48th and Guillaume 71th, gave the last points that the team needed to win the overall team ranking.

A big thanks to the team members, friends and famillies for their support.


It’s been a couple of years since the team produced its own video but this year will definitely be a big step forward because Jean Baptiste Bazzarini will be in charge of the UNITED RIDE PRODUCTION videos.

So we could not expect a better start for the first episode of our new video serie : UNITED RIDE ODYSSEY

Because every race is an epic adventure!

A very big thanks to our sponsors : Hutchinson, Morewood, Alltricks, E13, Bluegrass, IXS, Spank, Zodiac, Mavic, Zéfal, Snowscoot-Blackmountain, Formula, Cranks Brothers, ODI, Acros, CamOne and Leatt Brace

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  1. richard

    Awesome vid,bikes,team! Cous Cous is class,team manager and places 16th! Tracey racing again after a 4 year break and winning World Cups,pure class!

  2. sean b

    that was a great vid! im gonna watch it again!

  3. xcgeek.com

    great feel from this video. the excitement got me going… even though there was not good riding clips? yah, it was still awesome.

  4. Down n Dirty

    Nice to see the hannahs doing so well. hope the dominate the poduims this year just to shake things up.Just like Fabien said it aint all about the money a team throws at the riders.
    just look at Julien Camellini

  5. Ol45

    Bravo CousCous!
    Great team, great spirit, shame I haven’t choose them in my Fantasy team…

  6. HBB Lied

    GREAT video. Need to see more logo and product placement though.

  7. Eoin

    Savage, best team video yet!

  8. bert



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