howies tee of the week

This week’s t-shirt of the week from howies is ‘Hope’.

It’s a wonderful thing, hope.

It’s the voice in the back of your head, egging you on.

It ignores danger.

It never listens to pessimism.

And is always the first to say yes, instead of no.

Hope you like it.

Available on yellow for men and white for women.

To win this weeks tee just tell me whats the furthest you’ve ever jumped on a bike. Send your wild exagerations to And don’t forget to include your tee shirt size and address so we can post the winner straight away (some folk still don’t include their details).

Last week I got loads of emails telling me that Glen Danzig was the lead singer of Danzig. I picked out Tom from Wolverhampton (who said he was in a band himself) as the winner.