Hoshi Yoshida and his Leica M6 at the 2012 World Cup DH series

Super talented photographer Hoshi Yoshida packed his trusty old school film camera, the Leica M6, into his camera bag along side his modern posh DSLRs as he followed the 2012 World Cup season round the world. Here is the stunning, evocative slideshow from Hoshi’s travels.

If you missed Hoshi’s Leica M6 gallery, then check it out here.

  1. Jamazepam

    Great images and great soundtrack. There’s something about Phoenix on mtb films – it just works so well.

  2. Down n Dirty


  3. Machete

    excellent pictures. danny hart looks so much like Blackadder it’s ridiculous

  4. Tom H

    Wow, such a great snapshot of time. Some very atmospheric shots, tells the story of the circus life in great detail. The soundtrack and sound effects added to it as well.

    I’d love to see more.

  5. Dave Trumpore

    This is excellent. Thanks for sharing, Hoshi.

  6. Emerson Nogueira


  7. Eoin

    Sam Hill looks like an absolute Boss in that picture!

  8. Eirik Folkedal

    Brilliant photos, but I do prefer the look of Delta400 over XP2.


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