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Halo BDS:Fairclough wins at Llangollen:Video/Results

Halo BDS:Fairclough wins at Llangollen:Video/Results

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Brendan Fairclough wins Halo BDS round #3 at a super dry and dusty Llangollen.


Full results on MikroTime

And taking the win in the video stakes is Tom Grundy who edited this beast in the car on the way home from Llangollen and had it ready for 9.00am Monday morning sharp. Dedication.

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Race 1 Juvenile Men Leisure Lakes

1 903 Callum HAVARD PS Cycles/Cwmdown 2:03.750
2 909 Taylor VERNON Bike It Cycles-Bridgend 2:15.589
3 907 Laurie GREENLAND Psyclewerx 2:15.814

Race 2 Youth Men Elgallo Components

1 801 Fraser MCGLONE All Terrain Cycles 1:56.091 –
2 807 Philip ATWILL Swiss And Swallow ,Tomac 1:58.272
3 802 Joe CONNELL Alpinebikes/Fox Europe 1:58.470

Race 3 Junior Men Fox

1 615 Jamie MALLER 1:53.545
2 616 Sam WEBSTER Team Skene 1:56.765
3 613 Jim SHAW Brian Rourke Cycles 1:57.322

Race 4 Veteran Men Ticket2RideBC.Com

1 455 Jason CARPENTER Dragon Downhill 2:03.877
2 452 Rich SIMPSON Bikeactive.Com/Iso2 2:09.232
3 475 Peter ROBERTS 2:10.392

Race 5 Master Men Blackjack Wheels

1 537 Nigel PAGE Chainreactioncycles.Com/Int 1:54.687
2 502 David LIST Stourport Specialist Cycles 1:57.498
3 524 Alun LEWIS Www.Awcycles.Co.Uk 2:00.089

Race 6 Women Lizard Skins

1 413 Rosie SMITH 2:58.517 –
2 408 Rose HINDLEY Swiss & Swallow Racing 3:08.169

Race 7 Senior Men Kenda

1 289 Joel CHIDLEY Leisurelakesbikes.Com 1:53.113
2 330 John OWEN Stan Jones Cycles 1:55.594
3 208 Kurt BRAIN Diamondback 1:55.703

Race 8 Expert Men Kali Protective

1 103 Emyr DAVIES Team Skene 1:50.674
2 154 Jack GEOGHEGAN Ancillotti UK 1:50.815
3 176 Nikki WHILES Team Skene 1:51.362

Race 9 Elite Women Nema Clothing

1 78 Katy CURD Rose Bikes 2:14.567
2 92 Monet ADAMS Transition Bikes 2:24.581
3 81 Emma WAREHAM Leisurelakesbikes 2:25.882

Race 10 Elite Men Swiss+Swallow

1 3 Brendan FAIRCLOUGH Monster Energy-Specialized 1:42.504
2 2 Gee ATHERTON Commencal 1:43.216
3 11 Dan ATHERTON Commencal 1:43.981

  1. jay

    good work grundy. but whats this i see? Al Bond with a beer!?! :O

  2. supercow

    Watching Brendan’s lines is mind boggling!

  3. Jan

    Anyone else notice the serious lack of pedaling…. only a few cranks on the the finish straight!!!! Happy days

  4. Ashley

    was a real good day 😛 was banging a sauce pan with a wooden spoon cheering haha, nice video!

  5. AC

    Still, I’d rather he waited another hour and re-did the encoding to get the fecking aspect ratio right – it’s not rocket science!

  6. jacob gibbins

    Brayton in 8th with a hand the size of a football and mears in 11th aswell

  7. phatmark

    brendan is just getting better and better with every race. the riding with hill, the demo, the training. its all coming together. surely he will win a WC soon.

  8. andreadriao

    Bdog even got a wide arch at finish section that stole him a few seconds maybe, anyway pinned!

  9. Walter the Weapon

    Another win for Old man Pager in masters. Maybe he should quit managing, and get racing again!!

  10. pasty

    didnt realise it was an elite only event? didnt see anyother riders there?

  11. Hampson

    Well done to jack i say!!

  12. Luis

    Congrats, Fairflow!

  13. olly

    Cant wait for Champery after watching that! Could be Brendans day!!!! He is on it this year, and as soon as the tracks get mental so does he! Racing is so good to watch these days! Love it!

  14. SeB

    shait brens fast

  15. Olliebongo

    Half expected Big Dan to come down ‘er on a BMX there.lol. Good to see BrenDog on the top step.surely the sign of things to come.

  16. tomyum

    bah jack, what about BOND man!!!

  17. stumpy

    jack who?!!

  18. Alfie Polax

    F**kin sick Brendan. Now hopefully it’ll be the same result at Champery. Nobody on the planet rides the tech rowdy shit like that cheeky bastard : )

  19. Martin

    Cant believe brayton broke his hand and got 8th

  20. Rootsandrain.co.uk

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