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Halo BDS Nant Gwrtheyrn Results

Halo BDS Nant Gwrtheyrn Results

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

News coming in on the Twitter that Marc Beaumont has won the opening Halo BDS race at Nant Gwrtheyrn.

Cracking run for Al Bond in second and Peaty in third.

We’ll updated you with the full results when we get them.

Dirt Norco rider Dan Stanbridge has just phoned in with the top 5:

1. Marc Beaumont 2:16.698
2. Alex Bond 2:20.905
3. Steve Peat 2:22.4.03
4. Josh Bryceland 2:22.659
5. Joe Smith 2:22.799

Stanny says it was a rather wet and windy race day, seeding was cancelled after a serious crash so riders spent the time cooped up in the vans trying to keep warm.

Peaty had a big wobble near the finish double and almost came to a stop.

Peaty: “Ended up 3rd on my Santa Cruz V10, pretty bad bobble and stop dead on fast bit so not happy!!@SPSyndicate all did great on 1st race together”

Josh Bryceland: “Good weekend at nant G wet as an otters and mega tough to race on 4th on the day first real outing in my @foxmtb kit! Now for a curry.Stoked”

Sam Dale: “Pretty good weekend Finished 6th. Shame about the poor lad who bust himself this Morning. Would of liked to of had a few more runs!!”

Lew Buchanan: “Shit day today, race was going so well until I slid out in a corner and crashed. Not happy…at all! :/”

From Madison’s Facebook.

Youth results.

Manon Carpenter 1st.

  1. Jonzo

    Beaumont 4 seconds up on such a short course!

  2. Rob

    crazy times! Marc smashed everyone! disappointing result for Brendog though, and where’s Lewis Buchanan??? and fair play to Al Bond for that result, maybe someone to look out for this season at the world cups?!

  3. Rod Kimble

    Lewis Buchanan crashed and Fraser McGlone won Juniors apparently.
    Any info on weather Brendan had any problems on his run? Or was all his talk of getting fit and strong in the off season just talk again?

  4. Chris

    What’s the speed reading? Is it in KMS? I’ve no idea where on the Nant G track you could do anywhere near that speed

  5. Athers

    It’s split times not speed! Doh

  6. Duncan

    athers is it a speed trap reading..

  7. David Montgomery

    See where it says SPEED 1? Think that’s the bit he’s talking about..

  8. Dan

    40kmh would be doable at the bottom with some big legs

  9. Tommy

    Peaty was pinned right up to landing to flat and coming to a stop within sight of the finish line. Great result for Alex Bond though.

  10. eddy s

    who cares about lewis B, hes a bellend. top result for al bond, shame for peaty to make a mistake so close to the finish line

  11. TimBud

    Hey is Fairclough still sponsored by Specialized, because its only listed as Monster on the sheet?

  12. dirt dodger

    beaumont looking strong as fuck – i seriously hope he can carry this to the world cup – man it would be cool to have another brit @ the sharp end consistently…… that track does look like 1 of them where it can be good or bad quite easily, especially in the wet so i won’t read too much into brendogs result – i hope he does well this year!!!!

  13. Emily

    Al was more off the ground than on it through Car Crash, unbelievable. So quick! Awesome result, defo deserved it with those tigger bounce skills!

  14. Tim Lake

    Here’s Peatys little off just before the line…


  15. james

    what happened to fairclough?


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