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Half-Mile Supercross madness

Half-Mile Supercross madness

It might not be MTB but we all love a scrub and this is a lesson is style from the best.

With a history of putting bonkers ideas together Red Bull have come up with what is basically Supercross drag racing. Half a mile of flat out rhythm section that is effortlessly ridden by some of the best that motorcross has to offer, James Stewart, Ryan Dungey, Marvin Musquin, Malcolm Stewart, Cole Seely, Jessey Nelson and Justin Bogle go head-to-head on half a mile of whoops and jumps.

Clay Porter and his crew are behind this film and they pulled it off in style.

  1. Dirt dodger

    How freakin cool!!!!! Red bull are the shit, end of story,

  2. jason

    Much as I want to hate redbull for those cans of fizzy sugar it’s difficult when they keep putting on such awesome things like this.


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