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Three from four Aaron Gwin wins Mont Sainte Anne World Cup

Three from four Aaron Gwin wins Mont Sainte Anne World Cup

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Aaron Gwin wins UCI World Cup round 4 at MSA, Quebec, Canada.

A rare mistake from Greg Minnaar meant that Aaron Gwin took his third win out of four races this year. Josh Bryceland was a sensational second after narrowly beating an awesome run from Brook MacDonald. Another top result and wild run from Danny Hart for fourth. Big Cam Cole made it two New Zealanders on the podium with the Brits and American

Troy Brosnan gets his best ever World Cup result, 6th!

Gee Atherton suffered his second mechanical in a row. Blowing his tyre clean off the rim. You’ve got to feel for the guy.

Big shout to Dirt/Norco rider Ben Reid, sat in the hot seat for a good while and finished up 23rd. Great result Baltic!

Sam Dale 26th and Harry Bazza Heath 27th

From Twitter: Josh Bryceland: Madness! Thanks everyone I don’t know how that happened…

  1. Steve

    Troy Brosnan is DEFINITELY gonna be the next Nico!!

  2. David

    Awesome race, stupid fast in that middle part. Well done Bryceland!!

  3. r_mac

    Best track and racing this year so far. Brook set the pace, brosan is a pocket rocket. Hart attack sent it.Rat boys come in to form. bad luck for gee, and gregs mistake and on the pace as well. Gwin gotta stop be so sore on himself but if thats what drives him then all good. amazing season, gotta love this stuff.

  4. staike

    Man I laughed when I saw Gee’s rear wheel. Not the first time happening with those Conti tires either, I have seen quite a few flatting and then losing their tire this year.

  5. Jamie

    What a race, crazy runs by Ratboy, Bulldog and Hart! Looked like just another day in the office for Gwinn…

    Glad to see Needles finally get a good run in this season too.

  6. Nickkkk

    Warner, commenting on Gwin’s Trek: “the best kept secret since Swarzenegger’s love child….” Classic! love that man!

  7. Dan

    Has anyone checked that Gwin is actual human? Unbefrickinlievable!!! Well done to Josh, Brook and Danny too. Amazing riding on an awesome track.

  8. geo

    bryce clipped in?

  9. Ant

    Ratboy what a run, and hart is a nutjob, well done lads:)

  10. lee

    Mental! Good to see two young brits on the podium and Needles to have a clean run!

    Shame about Gee, to be fair though, he has had a lot of wheel issues! I’d be de stickering some deemax’s and colouring in some maxxis if i were him.
    and could someone beat Gwin now please?

  11. fordy

    rat boy on clips… clipped in, flat out, booom!

  12. kiwidave

    the rat is on Fire – fantastic for Josh! and great to see so many kiwis kicking arse

  13. Tom_

    Boy, and Gwin even had an over the tape and complete stall up top – the nerves seem to be catching up, his riding is still insane though.

  14. Merv

    @lee….I would put it down to bad luck, and when you look at the podium you will see Schwalbe tyres in there, along with Conti’s and Maxxis as well (if not for this round then the last few anyway)….and the Deemax’s are not the only wheelsets in there either.

  15. Chris

    Gwin might be fast but he’s boring to watch…

  16. Merv

    amazing results for the new generation. A changing of the guard?

  17. Ronin

    Holy sh#t! The races just keep gettin better every round! Happy 4th, Gwin! Amazing to watch the styles of Brosnan, Bryce and Hart. They are ready to perch and own the box very soon.

  18. Nozes

    This kids nowadays! Not respecting the old school,invading the podiums! 😀
    Awesome race,Gwin is making everyone putting it all on the line,and it shows.
    If Evil had it’s new bike ready,it would make a 1-2-3 carbon bike podium…hmmm…

  19. stevie

    hmmm remind me never to get conti tyres and those wheels gee uses, oh dear.

    is it just me or is anyone else struggling to be stoked for gwin? people gave sam hill shit for his personality this dude is boring as shit!!!

  20. Eoin

    Safe to say this race has killed every non-gwin team in the fantasy league! Injury, crash and a puncture, not a single big dog left to challenge Gwin in the overall… Brosnan in Champery, could you imagine?!?

  21. barney

    Flat Pedal Thunder…nice one Josh!

  22. Jesse Webb.

    well done dan atherton.

  23. G

    I’m with Chris, Gwin may be fast but it’s functional only, just wish he had a bit more style. Then again Peaty isn’t the most flamoyant rider – maybe I’m just being biased because he’s new. Awesome achievement.

    Can’t wait for the press releases – who’s is going to be most annoying Whiteley or Sessler? ;o)

    Nice one Josh, so damn close.

  24. ben

    Well done Josh Bryceland.

  25. Merv

    Very happy for Gwin…proving that keeping your head down and enjoying what you do, not how you want people to see you pays off. Great for Bryceland too – another guy beating his own path and it looks like its working. Sahem for Minnaar…he was going well there and I think it would have been tight.

  26. Merv

    Sahem = shame

  27. Merv

    Racing is about going fast at the end of the day. Stylish or not.

  28. Steve

    chris & G have you not seen the tipping point?? http://www.mefeedia.com/video/13398770 the dudes got supercross style for miles!

  29. Carlos Gutierrez

    To me…I agree with you all….it was an awesome race….I belive we’ve just witness a generation change first step…none of the all time winners were in the podium today….unbelievable…Josh, literally I scream my lungs out with the 0.050 diff…and Gwinn…something have to do with the Sessions I think, ’cause Leov was on fire too…and Tracy..holy smokes….

  30. AmplusTarenBrasil

    Style dont win DH races, speed is the need for glory in a world of miliseconds.
    Go over and thru anything Gwinn, we salute you!

  31. matt

    BRYCELAND a role model to all young people in the uk (except wales, large parts of england and scotland) Nice one mon! can’t wait till he wins one

  32. Dan

    Nice to see so many young guns on the podium, gutted for gee and greg though. also good to see people are finally catching up on gwin, I was worried he was going to completely dominated the whole way through this year. I do like him but please don’t let him win on home turf next week! americans are so annoying when theyre happy…

  33. technical terry

    Good to the kiwis owning the top 10! and Danny Hart always puts down the best run to watch.

  34. Pete

    Did anyone notice if Gee was tubeless? The press release stated it was that way this year for weight reasons. But maybe him and Sick Mick need a chat about the special system 😉

  35. VonDH

    @ WTF Commencal . Gee and dan get rid of the fookers telling you to run tubeless tyres and run 3lbs of psi and in sure you will finish a run without blow and wrecking rims

  36. Alex

    4 NZs in the top ten YEA

  37. Jerry

    Chris and G. style DOES not win the race.if he whipped at every turn and jumps his time probably would not be as good. i cant remember what movie it was when whitely said that if blinky was to controll all that whipping he would be really fast. he is already fast just needs more then just whipping the bike side to side to win the race

  38. raddog

    The Commencal Atherton team is an awesome set up. Just look at the garage they have in the latest Atherton project. If they’ve decided to go with a funky tubeless set up, then they should have tested, tested, and tested some more. If it has failed for the first time during a race run then assuming the riding has been good, then that is indeed bad luck. If it’s a result of a lack of product testing, then well, that’s probably got to hurt even more.

  39. Kevin

    I don’t believe anyone would think Gwin has no style. He’s dripping in DH race style. Check out Snap in DIRT 112. He is being directly compared to the Palmer, the king of DH style and to me I think Gwin looks much better.
    Besides he’s making all the other guys step up and ride loose and wild which makes for better viewing for all.
    Yay Kiwis!

  40. dirt dodger

    Not 1 to hate but please, somebody stop Gwin !!!! HELL OF A RACE – I hope next week is just as good.

  41. Krissboo

    Fookin awesome…..

    one of the Best World Cup Series ever!! Bet Gwin is feeling the pressure every race now. The young guns are seriously snapping at his heels.

    Hart and Bryce are on FIRE!!!

  42. Destructor

    4 Kiwis top 10, 5 in the top 20.
    Kiwi 1,2,3, next!

  43. charlie

    so stoked for josh, he deserved a podium one of these days.

    Nice to see all the people who were against him in that interview over chips and chilli have changed their tune!

    nother good job by hart too

  44. Marcus

    Dont see why everyone hates on Gwinnie all the time. Pretty sure 3 years ago when he first came on the circuit with a top ten in his first race, that he’s here to ride a bike, not make people entranced by his persona. And his only style when it comes to his riding, HAULING ASS. Best style when it comes to winning imo.

  45. Gomez

    Love’n the Gwinster…smashin’, bashin, clashin’..FAF…the rest need to go faster….it’s called racing! Brook and Danny are…and JB has come alive…pretty much the first 10 are all new skool…
    Great race….raised the roof screaming for The Rat…fantastic excitement…beating anything F1 can conjour….Bernie?…investment opportunity..!?

  46. Ross

    Gwin has bags of style, did you not see him scrub the living daylights out of that hip, only Danny looked as good. Gwin is just pure race.

    Well done to Danny and Josh, glad to see them fulfilling their potential. Awesome

  47. Podium Stalker

    What a race!!!
    Super stoked for Troy Brosnan, that young kid went so fast…can’t wait to see what he does in the next couple of years.

    Who are you guys betting on for the World Champs in Champery???? Gwin = World Champ??

  48. bob

    Freecaster was amazing


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