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Gwin and Kintner win US Nationals

Gwin and Kintner win US Nationals

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Aaron Gwin and Jill Kintner won the US National Champs at Sol Vista, Colorado.

1 Aaron Gwin Morongo Valley, CA 2:21.17
2 Logan Binggeli Saint George, UT 2:24.64
3 Tyler Immer Rancho Murieta, CA 2:24.87
4 Kyle Strait Huntington Beach , CA 2:25.46
5 Bradley Benedict Auburn, CA 2:25.61
6 Joey Schusler Boulder, CO 2:26.37
7 Cody Warren Alpine, CA 2:26.59
8 Brian Buell Boulder, CO 2:26.97
9 John Swanguen San Diego, CA 2:27.11
10 Duncan Riffle Santa Barbara, CA 2:27.30

1 Jill Kintner Seattle, WA 2:46.20
2 Jacqueline Harmony Sedona, AZ 2:49.66
3 Melissa Buhl Chandler, AZ 2:51.13
4 Leigh Donovan Murrieta, CA 2:51.89
5 Darian Harvey Durango, CO 3:03.18

Results here.

Maybe videos later too.

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  1. ronin

    it’s nice for those Tr. boys takin on the big companies and getting the top step on the box! congrats jkintner

  2. iloper

    Gwin… Here he is..

  3. Pat

    Wow…Leigh Donovan in 4th….is this a come back? Will she once again kick-ass in the World Cup, like 2001?
    1995 she was World Champ….wicked.
    Wish Missy would start a come back…that would surely help her.


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